5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Car This Spring

CT_wideimage_WithBlogTitle_carcleaning_600x100Once the cold weather hits, you’ll likely notice a change in the appearance of your beloved vehicle. Suddenly, the normally pretty and shiny exterior of your whip degrades and what you’re left with is a vicious coating of dirt and sand. A collection of empty water bottles, fast-food remnants and gum wrappers pile up at the foot of your passenger seat. When the birds begin to chirp and the temperatures rise, it’s time to give your vehicle a little extra TLC. After you give your car a thorough cleaning, driving it becomes significantly more exciting, and what’s better than rolling in a set of “brand new” wheels?  We’ve put together some tips to help you spruce up your vehicle in time for the warm weather.

1. Ditch the trash.

Throughout ownership, it’s very rare for one’s car not to pile up with some sort of trash stash.  When we’re on the go, we tend to get a little messy when there’s no disposal method in sight. This can lead to a very cluttered and dirty interior that frustrates you to your core. One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your car is to simply clear out the garbage. For the future, it helps to have a trash container in your vehicle to corral any trash and make for easy disposal. The Rubbermaid Mobile Trash Bin from Walmart can help gather your garbage in one spot so it’s easier to get rid of when the opportunity presents itself.

2. Give your car a thorough hand clean.

Instead of paying for a service, save some money by trying a DIY detail! Don’t forget to vacuum, shake out the car mats and wipe down the windows from the inside. Grab a bucket of water, a hose and a couple rags to help give the exterior a thorough wipe-down. Don’t forget to scrub off those stubborn salt marks that have accumulated over the months. Drying your car by hand using soft rags can help eliminate unsightly water stains and provide a nice, sheen shine. Turtlewax Car Wash from Advance Auto Parts can get your vehicle’s exterior spic and span while still protecting the surface. You’ll have your car looking like a million bucks in no time.

3. Restore your headlights.

After a while, you may notice that your headlight covers become cloudy, limiting the amount of light shed on the road while driving.  Instead of replacing the covers altogether, you can absolutely make them look and function like new by restoring them. A product like the Turtle Wax/Headlight Lens Restorer Kit from Auto Zone will bring your headlights back to life with just a little elbow grease.  You’ll experience noticeable clarity while driving while increasing the safety of you and other drivers on the road. Plus, your headlights will thoroughly shed that unattractive aged and yellowed appearance that you seriously couldn’t stand before. Win, win and win again!

4. Change your windshield wiper blades.

The cold weather can certainly do some damage to your wiper blades. Between the frequency of use, freezing temperatures and damaging salts, there’s a chance they may not survive a harsh winter. Once the cold temperatures subside and Spring is in the air, it’s an awesome time to switch out your wiper blades. Although many local auto shops can help with this, it’s fairly straightforward if you want to try doing it yourself. You can easily shop for the correct windshield wiper blades online by selecting the correct year, make, and model of your car. Another way to make sure you always have a clear windshield is by treating the glass with a product like Rain-X Original Glass Water Repellent from Advance Auto Parts. This treatment creates a slick barrier that repels moisture, making it easier for you to see during all types of weather. It will also extend the life of your wipers by allowing them to work less. Hey, we all need a break sometimes, right?

5. Shine the wheels and trim.CT_sideimage_carcleaning_400x600

If you really want to get your hands dirty, spend some extra time shining up the rims, tires, and trim work around the vehicle’s wheels. A product like Lucas Slick Mist Tire & Trim Shine from Auto Barn can be applied with a soft rag to make these surfaces shine like new. It will add sheen and protection by removing dull, grey oxidation. After, your vehicle will look like you just drove it out of the showroom.


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Will you be cleaning your car to herald the start of spring? Which one of these tasks does your vehicle need done most?


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