5 Spectacular Strategies to Save on New Year’s Eve Festivities

Before you know it, 2013 will be ending, and a brand new year will be on the horizon. How will you be bringing in the New Year?

If the festivities of Christmas are already busting your budget, there’s no need to spend a fortune to celebrate the dawn of the New Year. The most important thing is that you are spending the remaining moments of 2013 and beginning of 2014 with those you care about and that you start the year on the right foot.

It is in this spirit that we want to share 5 tips about how you can celebrate the New Year without spending a fortune.

5 Savvy Strategies to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Style and Savings  

  1. Make It a Cozy Night at Home. Going out on New Year’s Eve can be expensive. It may be cheaper to celebrate the New Year at home instead. Whether you plan an evening just for your household members or invite some guests over, it can be easier to keep the expenses in budget if you keep the festivities at home. Make some favorite foods and drinks, and play some of your favorite games.
  2. Skimp on the Drinks. If you do plan to dine out or go to a New Year’s Eve event, you can save money by cutting back on the alcoholic drinks. Unless the price you paid includes unlimited drinks, limiting yourself to one or two drinks for the evening can make your bill much cheaper. If you have a home get-together, use boxed wines, which can be cheaper than bottled, or look for alcoholic or non-alcoholic alternatives to champagne. Or make it BYOB, and ask others to contribute their favorite drinks. Another way to cut down on alcohol costs is to make a punch and splash a little of your favorite spike in your brew.
  3. Dress the Smart Way. New Year’s Eve will find many individuals wearing the best clothes in their wardrobe. The easiest way to save money on clothing is to shop your own closet — utilize items that you barely wear, which often happens with dress clothes. If you need something new to wear for the festivities, make sure to shop the smart way. Women can find affordable cocktail dresses and other formal wear at consignment or thrift shops. You can also shop online through eBay or Craig’s List to find new or gently used clothing. Guys can find dress clothes on sale or clearance with all of the last-minute Christmas or post-Christmas sales. It’s wise to buy a nice piece or two that can be worn again throughout the year — otherwise, it may stay in your closet until next year (or even longer).
  4. Keep Decorations Minimal. If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party, no need to go crazy with the decorations. Many people keep their Christmas decorations up until after New Year’s, so often homes already look festive. Add in a few New Year’s decorations, and you should be set.
  5. Keep Food Light. If you are hosting your own party, no need to serve a 3-course sit-down dinner. Feel free to serve drinks and appetizers, especially for late-night parties. Often people have already eaten a late lunch or early dinner, so you can just offer some appetizers and/or dessert items. Feel free to ask guests if they would like to contribute by bringing their favorite finger food, sweet treat, or drink. To avoid any misunderstandings, let your guests know ahead of time that this will be an app-only soirée or cocktail party.

Keep it Simple and Celebratory

New Year’s Eve is not about the money spent, but rather about how you spend your time. Particularly if your New Year’s resolution involves getting a better handle on your financial situation, saving money on New Year’s Eve will start your year off with the right mindset.

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