5 Savvy Tips to Save on Clothes for Back to School

With summer approaching its end and back-to-school time already here for many kids, there are lots of items on your shopping list. Along with school supplies and dorm essentials, clothes are a “must” for many school kids. Whether due to the change in seasons, typical kid growth, or a desired new image for a new school year, new clothes can add excitement and send your kids into the start of school with confidence.

Here are 5 savvy tips to get the back-to-school clothes that you want at prices that your budget can handle:

  1. Shop at Home First. When I say shop at home, you may think I am referring to online shopping. I’m not. I am referring to performing a complete home inventory to see what clothing that you already have. Determine which clothing fits, and get rid of any that does not. Be sure to check for out-of-season clothing that may be packed away. This helps you to know exactly what you need and prevents you from buying unnecessary items, saving you money.
  2. Shop Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, and Consignment Shops. Why pay more when you can utilize these resources to get more for less?! Garage sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops offer new and used clothing, including your favorite brands, at a significant discount.
  3. Shop eBay, Craig’s List and ThredUp. The Internet can provide plenty of deals on gently-used clothing. eBay or Craig’s List can offer excellent deals on a whole new wardrobe or individual pieces. ThredUp is an innovative website that allows families to sell and buy high-quality, practically new clothes from the comfort of home.
  4. Have a Little Patience. It is not obligatory to purchase school clothing before school starts. If you have some clothing already, consider holding off a few months until retailers start clearing out the fall styles. Then you can stock up for the rest of the school year at slashed prices.
  5. Swap the Savings. Clothing swaps can be a fun and frugal way to get what you need when you need it at no cost. Kids grow rapidly, and their tastes change, so clothing swap meets provide you with a way to exchange the clothing that you have for something else that you want. Look for clothes swaps going on in your local area, or host your own party with family and friends. Maybe you can make it an annual back-to-school tradition!

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Here’s to scoring an A+ when it comes to back-to-school savings!