5 Savvy Tips to Save Money by Negotiating


Are you interested in saving money in a way you may not have previously thought of? Have you considered negotiating your way to savings? Negotiating involves making a deal, bargaining, or coming to an agreement, and it’s an excellent, although underutilized, way to save money. We’re sharing our best tips on how to save cash by being a dealmaker.

5 Ways to Haggle Your Way to a Good Deal

  1. Pay with cash. Whenever possible, pay with cash to get the best possible price. Paying with a credit card can incur additional charges. Make sure to let them know that you will use cash, and ask for a discount based on the preferred payment method.


  1. Pay all at once. Instead of making payments, inform them that you will pay the amount due all at one time. Whether you are paying a debt, settling a medical bill, or buying an item, you can often arrange for a discount if you pay in full.
  2. Ask for a better price. It never hurts to ask if they can do better than the listed price. Don’t miss out on savings by being too afraid to ask.
  3. Buy in bulk. Want to save more? Buy more. Tell them you plan to purchase in bulk, and ask what sort of discount they can offer if you do.
  4. Capitalize on potential flaws. When you’re planning to purchase an item, an easy way to negotiate is to get nit-picky. Assess the item, and determine if there are any imperfections or damage. If it’s a floor model, you should automatically get a discount. Are you purchasing a hard-to-sell item? Take advantage of it to get the best possible price.

Negotiating is a great way to bargain your way to a better price. But it’s not the only recommended way to save.

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