5 Savvy Steps to Save on Winter Meals

Even if you are not much of a chef, winter is a great time to sharpen your meal-making skills. During cold weather spells, you’re normally around the house more and have more time to indulge your inner cook. If you are trying to watch your weight, cooking at home can help you to control what and how much you eat. If you typically tend to eat out a lot, you can actually save quite a bit by making your own winter meals.

5 Simple Steps to Saving on Winter Meals

  1. Find some recipes you like. If you are going to take up cooking more often, you need to know what to make.  Pull out your cookbooks or go online to find some recipes of interest. There are countless online resources to check out for cooking inspiration. You can even check out websites that cater to special interests, like budget-friendly meals or gluten-free dishes.
  2. Make a meal calendar. When you cook, you can save money and sanity by knowing ahead of time what you are going to make. Many people find it helpful to develop a meal planner. It could be a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly calendar. The number of times you repeat meals can depend on how many recipes you picked out, or you may want to serve your family’s favorites.
  3. Shop according to your meal calendar. Knowing what you will make and when you will make it will allow you to shop accordingly. You can stock up and buy in bulk on those items that will be used repeatedly throughout a given week or month — and avoid unnecessary buys. A meal calendar helps you to get organized and always have the ingredients you need in stock, thereby avoiding spur-of-the-moment fast food stops. It can also help you to make the most of sales to get good deals, as you can shop ahead for future meals. Use coupons and take advantage of price matching whenever you can.
  4. Cook in bulk. Know that you will make the same meal two times this week? No need to cook it twice. It makes more sense to cook in bulk and freeze half for a future meal. I like to serve the same meal two days in a row, so I cook one evening and take the next evening off. If you have a busy evening schedule, this can really take the pressure off and ensure that you have a hot meal at home. One easy way to cook in bulk is to use a slow cooker or Crock Pot. Make sure you have storage containers to easily store any extra food for future use.
  5. Cook one-pot meals. Winter is the perfect time for one-pot meals, including soups, stews, stir-fries, and casseroles. One-pot meals can also be friendly to your wallet and make it easy to make a few meals ahead of time. One-pot meals are often very hearty, making them ideal for winter’s cold days. They are also very easy to transport if you will be taking a meal to a potluck or helping someone else out by providing a meal. It’s easy to save time with one-pot meals, as well as save money on water, gas, and electric.

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