5 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs a Henkaa Convertible Dress in Her Closet


When it comes to online shopping, we don’t always make the most economically wise decisions while browsing and buying the clothes we really love. How often do we actually ask ourselves, “am I going to wear this more than once?” or ponder whether or not a sweater can be sported with multiple pairs of shoes.

Sometimes, when you want something, you simply have to have it, and what’s left is a very limited, inflexible wardrobe that results in a daily indecision of what to wear.

Fortunately, there’s a solution out there for the impulse shopper within all of us. Henkaa, a company that specializes in multi-functional and convertible clothing, has transformed the fashion industry with its versatile apparel.

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Listen up, everyone, this is important. What if it were possible to buy one dress that you could wear 21 different ways? Yes, that’s right…21 different ways. Well, the convertible dresses by Henkaa actually can be styled, twisted and wrapped into 21 completely different looks.

Henkaa uses a system called ConvertiStyle™, a revolutionary method that allows for multi-functional clothing, placing quality over quantity without sacrificing your love for fashion. The fabric is soft and adjusts to your fit, flattering all shapes and sizes and maintaining your style, even when your body changes.


So, is it finally time to say goodbye to clothes you can only wear once? Check out these five reasons why every girl needs a Henkaa dress in her everyday wardrobe.


1. From Street Style to Sophisticated Elegance

With a Henkaa dress, transforming your everyday look into formal wear is easier than you could ever imagine. With the extreme versatility of the convertible dresses, you can twist, tie and style your dress to complete an appropriate outfit for any occasion.

Henkaa convertible dress

A work meeting? A lunch date? A wedding? A black-tie event? No problem. You can wear the same Henkaa dress to all four events and simultaneously slay the fashion game.


henkaa convertible dress


2. No Bridesmaid Left Behind

It’s highly unlikely that all of your bridesmaids are the same height, shape and size, but that doesn’t mean the same dress can’t fit and flatter all of them. A Henkaa dress can be converted to create dozens of looks, so the perfect neckline, waistline and overall fit will always be possible for every individual gal.


3. Master of Maternity Wear

During a pregnancy, your body experiences a period of high transformation, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your dedication to fashion.

Henkaa convertible dresses maternity collection

A Henkaa dress can account for baby bumps of every and all sizes, and you can create a glowing, maternal look that’s comfortable and stylish for any event on the calendar.


4. Ballin’ on a Budget

Investing in a high-quality, convertible Henkaa dress can save you money in multiple ways. Why buy 15 different dresses when just one dress can achieve all of your desired looks? The Henkaa dresses are timeless, fashionable and perfect for all shapes and sizes. No alterations. No limitations.

Henkaa dusty purple viola convertible maxi dress

Plus, did you know a convertible dress can help lower the cost of bills? Typically, clothes dryers are responsible for approximately 12% of a household’s electricity bill. The Henkaa dresses are machine washable and can be hung to dry, which in turn, can chop up to $200 off your electricity bill every year.


5. Celebrity look alike

And the best part about a Henkaa dress’ versatile nature? You can perfectly imitate almost any celebrity look. From iconic fashion statements to the golden globes, you can achieve endless A-list styles with just one item of clothing.

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Check out these easily imitable celeb looks you can rock with the magic of a Henkaa dress.


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