5 Ideas for Last-Minute Christmas Gifts on the Cheap

Christmas is basically a week away — have you started your shopping yet? Just because you have procrastinated does not mean that you have to go giftless or that you have to pay more than you should. We have come up with 5 nifty ideas of gifts that are quick and easy on your wallet.

5 Fast and Frugal Gift Ideas

  1. Gift a Photo. Provide a personalized gift by presenting a photo. Select a photo that you know the recipient will love — it could be a pic of you both, the entire family, a landscape, still life, animal, you name it — and have it blown up to a larger size. Then find a frame that will complement it. If you head over to your local drug store or mass merchandiser, many have photo departments that can provide enlarged photos and other photo gifts that are easy and inexpensive.
  2. The Gift of Reading. Know their favorite magazine? Give them a paper or digital subscription for a year. Know of a certain book on their wish list? Pick up a physical copy, or send them a digital copy. It’s easy to find serious discounts on both magazines and books during the holiday season.
  3. Give in their Name. Does your gift recipient feel strongly about a certain cause or charity? Help both your gift recipient and the charity by making a donation in their name. You can choose the denomination, but both you and your gift recipient can feel good knowing that every little bit makes the difference.
  4. Give Freedom of Choice. Not sure what to get, but don’tGift Cards want to screw it up because you’re in a hurry? Consider a gift card to their favorite store — then they can pick out exactly what they want. You can give a physical gift card or a digital one. Digital gift cards are great for last-minute gifts, as they can be sent by email. Another time-saver is to order online and have a physical gift card shipped straight from the retailer to your gift recipient.  Look for retailers that feature bonus offers when you purchase a gift card. Or sometimes you can get discounted gift cards from websites that allow users to buy, sell, or exchange unwanted cards. If all else fails, you can give the gift of cash via PayPal.
  5. Offer Your Time or Talent. Particularly for family or close friends, you may consider offering the gift of your services. Maybe you can help them out with a task or offer a professional service (carpet cleaning, resume writing, handyman tasks, web design, etc.) for free. Offer up whatever you think would be valuable to your gift recipient, which can vary from person to person. You can offer babysitting services, to knit a piece of clothing of their choice, or to mow their lawn for a year. The opportunities are endless, but the out-of-pocket expense is minimal.

Think Outside the Box this Holiday Season

Just because you are running a little behind does not mean that you can’t come up with some excellent gift ideas. Just put on your thinking cap and get creative.

Write a list of who you need gifts for, along with some ideas for each person. Then prioritize according to when you need the gift for each person — gifts that need to be shipped or mailed should be taken care of first. Gifts to be given at holiday office parties and pre-Christmas get-togethers should be handled next. Anyone that you will see on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day should be next in line. Not seeing a gift recipient until after Christmas? Shop for them last — you may even be able to take advantage of some post-holiday sale prices.

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Best of luck as you finish your holiday shopping!

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