5 Fun and Durable Toys Your Dog Won’t Destroy

My dog likes to chew right through her toys. It’s not like it’s her end goal or anything, but she gets so excited and caught up in the moment that she can’t help herself. Inevitably, her toys are destroyed in a matter of days.

As a result, the white, fluffy stuffing ends up invading our carpeted living space and our pup is left with one less playful tool to keep her from getting bored.

If your energetic canine friend follows a similar behavioral path, we have exactly the right list of FreeShipping.com approved doggy toys. Even better, all of the below products qualify for 10% cash back, free shipping and returns, and price protection when you shop through our site!

These toys are so much more than just your average stuffed animal. They’re interactive and for the most part, indestructible. Your dog is guaranteed to love you long time.


1. Hyper Pet Hyper Flippy Flopper Flying Disk Dog Toy

$5.49 | Pet360

$5.49 | Pet360

This doggy disk from Pet360 soars excellently through the air! Made of resilient nylon and soft rubber, this waterproof toy won’t damage easy nor will it be tough on your dog’s teeth. Play a nice game of fetch across wide-open land or put your furry friend to the swimmer’s test by tossing it into the water!


Customer Rating: 4/5




2. The Virtually Indestructible Ball Dog Toy

$6.74 | Dog.com

$6.74 | Dog.com

All hail the long-lasting dog toy! Since this ball from Dog.com is made from a tough polyethylene material, it’s naturally resistant to rough play and strong teeth. The indestructible ball is available in an assortment of colors and you can even choose which specific size you’d like based on the breed of your dog!


Customer Rating: 4.4/5





3. KONG® Genius Mike Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

$9.99-$14.99 | PetSmart

$9.99-$14.99 | PetSmart

If your dog had to choose between a treat and a toy, no decisions would be made quickly. With this KONG toy from PetSmart, your dog can get the best of both worlds! It’s offered in two different sizes and comes in colors purple or blue. This treat or kibble-releasing toy is designed for average chewers and will keep your pup entertained no matter what!


Customer Rating: 5/5




4. Hyper K9 Kannon

$21.99 | Target

$21.99 | Target

This is far above your average game of fetch. This ball cannon from Target will launch balls up to 75 feet, and it even allows you to pick the balls back up hands-free. This advanced toy is guaranteed fun for both you and your dog.


Customer Rating: None yet. Become the first!



5. The Company of Animals Dog Tornado Interactive Dog Game

$29.99 | Petco

$29.99 | Petco

This skill-building toy from Petco has to be the golden standard of all interactive dog toys. As usage increases, your dog will soon be the master of finding his or her way around the big bones to make way to the prize (a treat)! This tough and durable toy gives you the ability to create a more difficult approach depending on how skilled your pup becomes. It is the perfect playtime accessory for all breeds!


Customer Rating: 4.8/5





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