5 Fun and Frugal Indoor Activities to Bust Winter Boredom without Busting Your Budget

We are nearing the end of January and for many around the country, the concept of winter is getting old. Snow days are nice when they are rare, but with abnormal helpings of snow and below freezing temperatures this season, it has become too much of a good thing. With the holidays behind us and at least a couple more months of winter ahead, it’s time to think of some ways to put boredom on ice while we wait for the weather to warm up.

5 Budget-Friendly Indoor Activities that Will Keep You Busy All Winter Long

  1. Get Creative in the Kitchen—It may seem more like a necessity, but cooking can make a great family activity. Since you are making something that you are going to eat, it is budget-friendly and can be a lot of fun. Take the time during cold winter days to make some warm treats. Or you can spend the time cooking ahead in bulk for future meals. Get the whole family involved in the process and take advantage of the time to teach your kids how to cook. Kids usually like to cook, so this should be an enjoyable activity for them. Allow kids and adults to get creative with the recipes to raise the fun factor.
  2. Keep Building the Fun—Building toys are a great resource to have around the house. They can be used over and over again, making them cost-effective. Whether you prefer Lego’s, Mega Bloks or K’Nex, there are plenty of fun and frugal options out there. Don’t want to splurge on numerous Lego sets for your family? Pleygo allows you to rent Lego sets with no shipping costs. Combine the best of both worlds with Lego games that allow you to build the board and then play the game with other players.
  3. Take a Movie Getaway—Watching movies is a relatively inexpensive way to keep both kids and adults entertained. If you have movies in your own collection, that is the cheapest way to go. Aim for movies that focus on warm weather or family vacations. You can also stream movies or use your Netflix membership to find movies to watch. Redbox rentals are also inexpensive, especially if you use promo codes to get the rentals at a discount or for free.
  4. Indulge in Your Crafty Nature—Investing in items like construction paper, crayons, scissors, markers and paints is a worthwhile investment. You can use these items over and over again for endless fun. Both kids and adults can get involved in creative activities. Adults may prefer to build models, knit or do Papier-mâché. Whatever your preference, crafts can be a fun way to keep you busy without spending too much, especially if you create useable items.
  5. Get Active Indoors— You may be inside, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck in one spot. Dance and exercise are enjoyable and inexpensive ways to pass the time and get in shape. Kids love to be active and it helps to release some of their pent-up energy. Adults will love the health benefits. Use instructional videos or video games to get your groove going. Get moving with videos that you can find online. Or just turn on some favorite tunes and come up with your own dance or exercise moves. Pull out the hula hoop, jump rope or hand weights to raise the fun factor.

There are plenty of indoor activities to keep you busy when you start thinking outside the box. But if you get too restless inside the house, there’s lots of fun to be had in the great outdoors during winter.

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