35 Things to Do Before the End of Winter

After the exciting winter holidays are behind us, we often slump into a little thing called “seasonal sadness”. During the winter months, your options for activities are somewhat limited.

You may find yourself in bed watching Netflix more than you’d like to admit, and your motivation for healthy eating and exercise has declined rapidly. Even if you’re on the West Coast (if you are, we’re definitely jealous) you might still be in the same boat as us over here in the Northeast.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of seasonal sadness, we feel you. For everyone who wishes they could wake up to sunny skies and 75 degree weather, we’ve put together a list of fun activities to do before the warm temps return once and for all. Have you ever wished you could do those signature winter activities while struggling through the blazing hot temps in August? Now’s your time to shine and make the most of what’s in front of you!


35 Things to Do Before the End of Winter


1. Drink hot cocoa

Because it’s delicious pretty much any time of the year.


2. Throw a house party

Staying warm inside with some good music, friends and drinks might be exactly what you need to unwind.


3. Knit a scarf

Everyone should try knitting a scarf at least once in their life. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes rather addicting.


4. Go ice skating

Because falling on your butt never gets old.


5. Bake cookies

Fill your home with the soothing smell of freshly baked homemade cookies. Who needs scented candles when you’ve got the real thing?


6. DIY a gift for your loved one

They’ll appreciate this, always.


7. Make your favorite game day recipe

We highly recommend these Cheeseburger Tater Tot Cups by Home Made Interest. So. Good.


8. Have a pajama party

Flannel PJs, blankets, pillows, popcorn and scary movies? This sounds like a good time at any age.


9. Sit by the fire

Warm up those toes and relax by a toasty warm fire!


10. Read a book start to finish

You’ll never feel bad about reading a book in the winter. Curl up on the couch and keep turning those pages!


11. Take a weekend getaway

Your options for a budget-friendly weekend trip are limitless. Need to get out of town? Check out what’s available on Groupon.


12. Spend a lazy day watching movies

Let’s face it. If it’s planned, you won’t feel nearly as bad about it. Plus, you’re not exactly missing out on anything outdoors.


13. Relax in an outdoor hot tub

On a clear night, there’s nothing better than soaking up the warmth of a hot tub while gazing up at the stars.


14. Go to a college basketball game

Seeing the fans, the competitiveness and the athleticism of college students is nostalgic and of course, always a great time if you’re currently a college student. Buy some nachos, wear some fan gear and get your cheer on!


15. Make fondue

Warm, gooey cheese fondue served with french bread and veggie sticks? Yes. Absolutely.


16. Play a board game

Whether it’s Monopoly, Trouble or Hungry, Hungry Hippos, turn off the Xbox and enjoy an old-fashioned board game for once!


17. Donate to or visit an animal shelter

You may be tempted to take one home with you, but you’ll always feel good about helping out one way or another.


18. Create your own signature cocktail

Try out a new cocktail with a mix of your own ingredients! Go fruity, classic or really outside the box with the most bizarre ingredients you can think of…you’ll either love it or laugh at how bad it tastes.


19. Make paper snowflakes

Why not? They’re easy, fun and make for excellent decorations!


20. Go to a midnight movie premier

Staying up until midnight to have a first look at a newly-released movie is exciting and thrilling.


21. Have a winter photo shoot

Let the snow be your backdrop! Bundle up and head out into the winter wonderland for a quality photo shoot with your friends.


22. Redesign your bedroom

Even if you simply move your furniture around, a little bit of change might be exactly what you need.


23. Go on a hike

No matter where you are in the United States, you’re bound ¬†to have some half decent trails within driving distance of your home. Check them out!


24. Start a new series on Netflix

The greatest thing bout the 21st century is that there are a plethora of TV series that are legitimately¬†good. Check out something new that’s recently been recommended to you!


25. Challenge your friends to a scavenger hunt

You make the rules. Design it, set it up, assign the teams and let your friends in on your adventure. Also, don’t forget to film it. You won’t want to forget this.


26. Play The Sims

Classic. That’s all we have to say about that.


27. Drink a wintry, warm coffee drink

Head to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or your local coffee shop for a seasonal coffee drink to enjoy on a cooler day!


28. Plan your dream vacation

You don’t have to be within budget here. If you could go anywhere in the world and stay at any hotel you’d like, where would you go? Plan your trip and maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll get the chance to go. Wouldn’t it be nice to already have it perfectly planned out?


29. Pull a prank on a friend

I mean, don’t get nasty. But a silly prank on a friend will always make you cry-laugh like you’ve never cry-laughed before.


30. Write a love letter

Date it at the top and hand-write it on a piece of cardstock paper. Tell someone you love exactly how much you mean to them. Wherever your relationship ends up, it’s something they’ll always cherish and keep safe.


31. Update your resume

Even if you’re not looking for a new job, it never hurts to be fully prepared when an opportunity presents itself. Everyone needs a fresh look on their resume once in a while, anyway!


32. Visit a psychic

Definitely do your research on this one. Do a Google search of a psychic in your area with some quality reviews. Then, prepare to be freaked out.


33.  Complete a DIY home decor project

Ever get jealous of how the elite Pinterest users always have their life together? Now’s your time to shine.


34. Try out a new hair color

Go dark, light or add in a few highlights to change up your look!


35. Start a scrapbook

Memories are so much better when they’re collected and crafted in a scrapbook. Plus, you’ll want to document and reminisce on all the new winter activities you’ll be doing now, right?

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