30 Summer Bucket List Items You Can Do On A Budget



Lately, it seems that if you’re not looking to spend a ton of money, your options for a fun time are extremely limited.

Summer is designed to be a season for making memories. Why should we have to put a price on fun? Why do we have to pay for a good experience? The answer is: you don’t!

There’s plenty of low-cost activities to do when boredom’s getting the best of you. Turn off Netflix, get off the couch and make this Summer epic with our 30 Bucket List ideas. You don’t need to be a millionaire to have a good time.


1. Complete a puzzle

Summer Bucket List #1

You can even customize your own puzzle at Shutterfly with an image of your choice!

2. Have a picnic

Summer Bucket List #2

Wine, cheese, crackers and fruit make for a great combination on a sunny day.

3. Go to a farmers market

Summer Bucket List #3
The freshest fruits, vegetables and gourmet foods are always found here.

4. Draw with sidewalk chalk

Summer Bucketlist #4

Bring back childhood memories with a game of hop-scotch.

5. Create your own slip-n-slide

Summer Bucket List #5
All you need is a hose, a tarp and a hill. Boom. You’ve got yourself a game of endless fun.

6. Have a water balloon fight

Summer Bucket List #6

Is this ever not a good idea? You can even set up an obstacle course with outdoor patio furniture. Whoever makes it through start to finish without getting hit, wins.

7. Create the ultimate summer playlist

Summer Bucket List 7
You know how a song can instantly remind you of a specific moment or event? Create an epic playlist that will forever bring back the memories made this summer.

8. Make cocktail popsicles

Summer Bucket List 8

Yes, vodka popsicles do in fact exist. Find out how to make them here.

9. Camp out in the backyard

Summer Bucket List 9

Set up a roomy tent with cozy blankets and have a slumber party outdoors.

10. Pull an all-nighter

Summer Bucket List 10

Stay up until it’s light out for a change. Being awake at the quiet hours before dawn is sometimes a little surreal.

11. Watch the sunrise at 5 different locations

Summer Bucket List 11

While everyone else is sleeping, you’ll get the view of a lifetime. Bring a camera along for these trips.

12. Create and bury a time capsule

Summer Bucket List 12

Put a few small, meaningful objects in a box and bury it. Mark its location and make plans and set a date to dig this box up in the future.

13. Make a photo album of Polaroid pictures

Summer Bucket List 13

Polaroids are a timeless way to capture the greatest memories. They’re vintage look is even cooler now!

14. Go to a haunted place at night

Summer Bucket List 14
Wherever you live, you’re bound to be in close range of at least one location that’s said to be haunted. Grab your friends and check it out for a spooky experience.

15. Go on a hike

Summer Bucket List 15

Hikes are therapeutic, scenic and healthy. Can you beat that combo?

16. Have a bonfire

Summer Bucket List 16

Don’t forget the s’mores!

17. Stargaze

Summer Bucket List 17

On a clear night, there’s nothing like lying on a blanket and looking up at a starry atmosphere. Bring some wine!

18. Throw a homemade pizza night

Summer Bucket List 18

Mix it up a little and opt for a homemade pizza night instead of takeout. Grab your favorite toppings at the grocery store and create to your liking!

19. Plant a garden

Summer Bucket List 19

There’s nothing like fresh vegetables and beautifully grown flowers from a masterpiece you created yourself! We can help you get started!

20. Watch a baseball game

Summer Bucket List 20

Beer, hot dogs and pro-athletes in the summer time. Yes please!

21. Try a new DIY craft


You can make something that’s truly one of a kind! Here’s an idea!

22. Visit the Aquarium

Summer Bucket List 22

A shark sighting is really fun when you’re separated by glass!

23. Build a sandcastle

Summer Bucket List 23

You can even have a competition. Enlist one of your friends to be the judge and create an intense sand mansion.

24. Throw a house party

Summer Bucket List 24

Sometimes all you need is great friends and great music.

25. Finish a book

Summer Bucket List 25

Get off the internet and head to your local bookstore. Reading is good for the brainĀ and the soul. A good book can make you want to read another, and another…and another…

26. Have a stay-at-home spa day

Summer Bucket List 26

You don’t need to be a big spender to pamper yourself!

27. Go to a carnival or state fair

Summer Bucket List 27

If you’re looking for a little thrill, some good food and a contagiously happy atmosphere, you’ll want to check out the closest fair or carnival in your area.

28. Go thrift shopping

Summer Bucket List 28

A good find can really make your day.

29. Dance in the rain

Summer Bucket List 29

Step out in stormy weather and leave your umbrella behind. You’ll never feel bad after a solid session of rain-dancing.

30. Write a letter to your future self

Summer Bucket List 30

What would you say to yourself 10 years from now? What would you want to look back on? Write a letter to yourself in the future and keep it tucked away someplace safe.


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