3 Ways to Say Yes to Love and Savings on Engagement Rings

February is the month of love. Although it is not the busiest month for proposals and engagements (December holds that title), Valentine’s Day makes February a popular time to proclaim your love with a ring.

Engagement rings have been presented to betrothed women since at least the first century BC. A symbol of love, affection, intention, and commitment, engagement rings seal the deal when a man proposes. But these days, engagement rings often carry a high price tag. Although these rings can be expensive, we’re going to share 3 tips to find some savings on the ring after you find the one that you love.

3 Tricks for Saving on Engagement Rings

  1. Buy Online. We love this tip and know that you will, too. If you want to find savings on engagement rings, take your shopping online. We buy just about everything else on the Internet, so why not jewelry? Online is becoming an increasingly popular place to purchase an engagement ring, and one reason is the competitive pricing. Since some online jewelry retailers may have less overhead than store locations, they can slash prices on their jewelry offerings. Other benefits to buying online include being able to do some quick and easy comparison-shopping and finding exactly the ring that want without being confined to shopping your local retailers. Shopping online can make it easier to find the perfect ring without being exposed to the overwhelming sales pitch, especially if you are not ready to buy yet.
  2. Buy a Ring that Makes the Cut. You’ve heard about the 4 C’s, right? The 4 C’s — clarity, color, carat, and cut — are the factors that determine the quality of a diamond. When you are purchasing an engagement ring, these 4 factors should be considered. As you can imagine, the higher the quality level in each of these 4 aspects, the higher the price. But when you are purchasing an engagement ring and must cut some costs, the one factor that you do not want to compromise on is the cut of the diamond. An improper cut will cause the diamond to lose its shiny nature over time, so splurge on getting a diamond cut guaranteed to shine for decades to come. Pick up some savings by compromising on the color, carat size, and clarity instead.
  3. Go with Multiples. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it can actually be more cost-effective to purchase a ring with numerous smaller diamonds than one large diamond. You may also want to consider various diamond shapes, as some may be cheaper than others. Multiple stones can raise the glam factor while lowering the price tag. Or you may choose to have another gemstone set as the primary stone with small diamonds to accentuate it, providing the best of both worlds at a reduced cost.

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Here’s to saying yes to both love and savings in February!

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