3 Savvy Strategies to Save Money on Spring Reading

Going on spring break soon? It’s commonplace to bring along a few books when you will be traveling and/or going on vacation. For many, the busyness of everyday life does not leave a lot of time for enriching your mind through reading. But time away provides the opportunity to relax and get lost in a good book.

When my spouse and I went on a camping trip in the Black Hills of South Dakota a few years back, we stopped off in a local town and checked out a charming used-book store. We each picked out a book to read during our downtime. Since Eat, Pray, Love was popular at the time, I picked up a copy and read it in the evenings throughout our trip. It made for wonderful company during the trip and a tangible memory to bring home with me. I still have the book today.

If you’re looking to pick up some good spring reads without spending much, we have some frugal ideas for you.

3 Thrifty Tips for Spring Reading on a Budget

1.)    Borrow from your local lending library. Nowadays, it’s more convenient than ever to borrow books from your local library. Sign up for a free library card, and you will gain access to books in various formats, including paperback, hardcover, magazines, audio, and even digital e-books. Make sure to sign up for online access to be reminded of library book due dates, to reserve books for future pick-up, and to request due-date extensions, all from the convenience of your computer.

2.)    Take up book swapping. Not sure what to do with books or magazines that you’ve already read? Consider the practice of book swapping. You can pass on reading materials that you’ve already read and get new ones to peruse at little or no cost. You can establish a local group with your family and friends. Or you can utilize online websites, like Paperback Swap or BookMooch, that make swapping books with strangers simple. Some libraries have magazine swaps where you can take old copies and turn in old magazines that you no longer need. Another option is MagSwap, an online website that allows you to change your magazine subscriptions as your interests change.

3.)    Snag digital-book freebies. With the increasing availability of books in digital formats, it’s also becoming more common to get e-books for very cheap or even free. Sometimes authors and publishers will give away free digital copies of books as a means of promoting a new release. From time to time, retailers, like Amazon.com, will offer free copies of certain books. A website like FreeBookSifter makes it easy to find out what free book options are available.

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Highlights Logo Another way to instill a love of reading in children is by providing reading materials that are fun, colorful, and interactive. Since 1946, Highlights for Children has been producing publications that allow children to learn in an enjoyable way. When I was a child, my mother signed me up for a Highlights magazine subscription, and I looked forward to all of the fun reading and educational activities found in each edition. In addition to Highlights’ various magazine options suited for children ages 0–12, they also have educational books, toys, and puzzles designed to foster learning.

Springtime is a great time to develop a positive lifelong habit — reading. By following our savvy strategies to save, you can indulge in your love of reading without breaking your budget.

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