3 Savvy Strategies to Save Money on Spring Break with the Family

Winter has been relentless this year in many parts of the country, so spring break will be a welcome reprieve. Spring break is a great time to get away from ordinary life and enjoy some time with the family, whether that be away from home or during a staycation.

If you are interested in enjoying all that spring break has to offer without spending a fortune, we’re going to share some savvy tips to relax, rest, and recoup on a budget.

3 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break Without Breaking the Bank

  1. Vacation in your own backyard. Over Valentine’s Day weekend, we took a tram to the top of a mountain and ate at a restaurant 10,300+ feet above sea level. When I later reviewed the pictures I took, it looked like we had gone on vacation when really we were only a few minutes from home. Instead of feeling the need to travel hundreds or thousands of miles on spring break, stick close to home and explore the local sites. You will save money on travel costs, making it possible to do more during your time off. Plus you may get to see some sites that you normally don’t have time to.
  2. Travel on weekdays. Arriving at or departing from your destination on weekends can drive up your travel costs. If possible, try to do your traveling on weekdays instead. Maintaining flexibility in your travel plans can allow you to get the best possible deal. Whether you arrange your own travel or use a travel agent, make sure to test out a few scheduling scenarios to determine which option offers you the most savings.
  3. Schedule activities according to discounts. If your spring break will include visits to tourist sites and attractions, you want to plan where and when according to what discounts are available. For example, museums often have a weekly or monthly discounted day. Some attractions, like zoos, offer free days a few times per year. Coupons may be good during the week but not on weekends. Schedule your activities to take the most advantage of all available discounts and coupons.

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Whether you need to keep the kids occupied during a staycation or during travel times, Toys“R”Us has the toys you need. Check out their travel games suitable for children of all ages. You’ll find plenty of fun games that are made to be portable, making them perfect for when your family is on the go. Keep the kids creative and productive during your staycation with arts and craft supplies. Get the whole family into the action with games and puzzles that everyone can play.

Webkinz Logo Another option to entertain kids, whether at home or on the road, is Webkinz.com. Parents can allow kids to play online games and can purchase characters and items to fill their online worlds. Because the games are online, it makes it easy to log in and play wherever you have online access, which can be ideal for spring break travel.

No matter where you end up during your spring break, make sure it’s a good time that will provide memories to last a lifetime. Know someone who could use some help planning spring break on a budget? Be a pal, and share this blog post with them.

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