15 Super Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids


Halloween is a wonderful time to really let your creativity shine. The opportunities are endless, and no one can pull off a homemade costume like your kids can.

One thing they’ll love just as much as dressing up for Halloween is being able to help make their costume. Why not combine their wild imagination with your crafty DIY skills to make an unbeatable outfit this year?

It’s incredible what you can do with fabric, face paint, and a pair of scissors from the craft store. If you’re in need of some spooky inspiration, you’re going to love these adorable Halloween costumes that parents have mastered for their little ones.


1. Jelly Belly Costume

Jelly Belly DIY Halloween Costume

Source: Redbook


2. MarioKart: Mario and Luigi Costumes


3. Little Bandit Costume


4. Baby Gumball Machine Costume


5. Owl Costume


6. Praying Mantis Costume

DIY Halloween Costume Praying Mantis Kids

Source: Makezine.com


7. Deer Costume

DIY Kids Deer Halloween Costume

Source: Hip Who Rae


8. Robot Costume


9. Dippin’ Dots Costume


10. California Roll Costume


11. Scarecrow Tutu Dress Costume

DIY Kids Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Source: Etsy


12. Scuba Divers Costume


13. Peter Pan Costume

DIY Halloween Peter Pan Kids Costume

Source: Babble


14. CareBear Costumes


15. Mac N’ Cheese Costume




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