15 Pinterest Dorm Rooms to Inspire Your College Decor


Your dorm room is a blank canvas. Do with it what you wish.

One of the most exciting things about your first year of college is being able to decorate a space of your own.

Everything must be carefully considered: the lights, the wall decor, the curtains, the rug and of course, the bedding. Whether you’re a natural boho beauty or a preppy girl at heart, your opportunities to decorate the ultimate dorm room are truly endless.

Below are 15 awesome Pinterest dorm rooms that will spark your creative tendencies and inspire your future setup.



Canopy Bed Dorm Room on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: don’t forget the command strips! These magical and harmless “hardware” can make hanging canopies, wall decor, and curtains a much simpler task.


Dorm Room Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: Pick 1-3 colors to feature in your new room and stick to this decision when purchasing your decor. Creating your dorm room on a color-scheme makes it appear clean, cute and put together!


White Dorm Room With Twinkle Lights on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: You can’t go wrong with an all white color scheme with bold patterns to accent! But don’t forget, white is the ultimate enemy of dirt, food and spills.


Patterned Comforter and Rustic Wooden Shelves on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: The skilled DIY-er can turn a plain, empty dorm room into a rustic sanctuary – give it a go if you’re up for the challenge!


Dorm Room on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: Designing your dorm room to reflect exactly who you are can help kick the homesick feelings. Bring your comfy pillows, treasured photos and that fluffy stuffed animal you love to create a unique masterpiece.


Boho Dorm Room on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: Creating a bohemian look is cozy and trendy at the same time. A dreamcatcher, vintage artwork and some patterned pillows will achieve this theme with ease.


Desk Set Up with Humorous Poster on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: Some humorous graphic artwork around a simple setup can really lighten up your space and present a fun, inviting environment to guests!


Symmetrical Curtains in dorm room on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: A pair of bulky, bold and clasped curtains can contribute greatly to making your dorm room feel…well…less like a dorm room.


Picture Frame Set Up Above Desk with Laptop on Clique Tips

Her Dorm Design


Dorm room 101: It’s all about balance! For those with neat and tidy tendencies, it’s easy to set up your frames to fit and hang perfectly beside one another.


String lights above desk in dorm room on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: Incorporate nature into your setup and enjoy the blessings of Spring during any month of the year. Some faux flowers from the craft store don’t require any up-keep!


Mixed Pillows on Patterned Comforter in dorm room on Clique Tips



Dorm Room 101: Mixing and matching throw pillows is a great way to spice up a simple setup!


String lights along well in dorm room on Clique Tips



Dorm room 101: string lights are an excellent alternative to the harsh, fluorescent bulbs that are typically on the ceiling of  dorm rooms. They instantly create a calm, low-key vibe!


colorful tapestry above full bed in dorm room on clique tips



Dorm room 101: tapestries, tapestries, tapestries!


Punk Rock Music Posters on wall in dorm room clique tips



Dorm room 101: For the hardcore music junkie, the plain, white walls are your dorm room’s most valuable asset.


Twin bedding and symmetrical set up in dorm room on clique tips



Dorm room 101: What’s better than teaming up with your future roomie to create an all around, killer dorm room?!


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