12 Fashionable and Affordable Reading Glasses from Readers.com



Remember when wearing  glasses was something to be ashamed of and the phrase “Four-eyes” brought back haunting memories from grade school?

Thankfully, the world of fashion has transformed quite a bit since then, and now, reading glasses are considered, well, trendy.

It’s not surprising when more than a billion people in the world experience blurred near vision when reading and wearing readers is just as common as painting your nails red. So let’s continue to embrace the fashionable yet very necessary trend, shall we?

First thing’s first: where should you go to buy a pair of readers? Well, it totally depends what you’re looking for, but Readers.com carries over 700 styles in powers ranging from 1.00 to 7.00. The best part? Most styles are under $20.

Why don’t we say goodbye to the wiry, silver frames we once resorted to as our only option and explore the world of fashionable frames. We’re here to help you pick a pair you love, and to provide a little incentive,  FreeShipping.com members get 40% off site wide at Readers.com for a limited time. Sign in to your account and visit the Readers.com retailer page to get the code!

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Below is a list of top customer-rated reading glasses from each popular category on Readers.com:


New Arrivals Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Readers.com


The Daffron

Clique Tips Daffron Readers.com FreeShipping.com

“Talk about trendy! The Daffron is a metal and plastic combination reader with a high bridge. This round style will add some edge to your wardrobe.”

Customer Rating: 5/5 (2 reviews)

Price: $15.95


The Talulah Recycled Bark Reader

Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Readers Talulah Recycled Bark Reader

 “Add some eco chic to any outfit with The Talulah! This reader features real tree bark covered temples. Spring hinges and a slightly up-swept shape sweeten the pot.”

Customer Rating: 5/5 (2 reviews)

Price: $17.95


bifocals Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Readers.com


The Elwood Bifocal

Elwood Bifocal Clique Tips Readers.com FreeShipping.com

“Inspired by the “Blues Brothers,” the Elwood Bifocal has a retro square shape that flatters both men and women! The lenses offer the power of your choice in the bifocal portion, and the rest of the lens is unmagnified. ”

Customer Rating: 4/5 (31 reviews)

Price: $17.95


The Vancouver Bifocal

Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Readers.com Bifocal Reading Glasses


The Vancouver Bifocal is a classic reader for both men and women. The top part of the lens is clear, while the bottom section is available in your choice of reading powers up to a +4.00.”

Customer Rating: 4.5/5 (169 reviews)

Price: $15.95


Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Reading Sunglasses Readers.com


The Dallas Sun Reader

Vancouver Readers Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Readers.com
“Inspired by iconic, retro sunglasses, you can now have aspheric reading sunglasses with our Dallas Sun Reader. Great for cracking open a book in the great outdoors, these glasses have metal accents, and tinted UV lenses with full reading magnification.”
Customer Rating: 5/5 (6 reviews)


The Iris Bifocal Sun Reader

Iris Sun Reader Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Blog Readers.com

“Full of personality, the Iris Bifocal Sun Reader allows you to read while enjoying the weather. Inspired by the styles fashion icon Iris Apfel wears, these sun readers have a thickly rimmed, round plastic frame complete with tinted lenses. The bifocal portion comes in the magnification of your choice, while the rest of the lens is unmagnified.”

Customer Rating: 5/5

Price: $17.95


Clique Tips FreeShipping.com blog Readers Fashion Readers


The Studio

Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Blog 'The Studio' Readers.com

“Get ready to achieve Ivy League status with The Studio. This full frame style has a rounded, retro frame with small metal accents. A great reader for the the preppy guy or gal that loves to stand out in the crowd, the Studio comes colorblocked, solid, or tortoise color choices”

Customer Rating: 4/5 (258 reviews)

Price: $14.95


The Ivy League Bifocal


The Ivy League Bifocal Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Readers


“You don’t need a degree from Harvard or Yale to know that these readers are a smart choice! The Ivy League Bifocal has a rounded, horn rimmed frame in a mix of tortoise and solid colors that flatter both men and women.”

Customer Rating: 4/5 (89 reviews)

Price: $19.95

Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Blog Readers.com Full Frames


The Baxter

Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Readers.com Full frames the baxter

Signature Collection

The Baxter is part of our Signature Collection, where premium style and design are combined with an affordable price. As a larger lens reader, this style has a polished acetate frame complete with spring hinges and fully magnified lenses”

Customer Rating: 5/5 (1 review)

Price: $59.95


Clique Tips FreeShipping.com Readers.com Half Frames


The Davey

Clique Tips FreeShipping.com blog Readers.com Half Frames The Davey

“This retro reader certainly has smart style! Our Davey glasses have small, round lenses with a solid, tortoise, or two tone frame. Sit them low on your nose for a half reader look, or wear higher as a full framed style.”

Customer Rating: 5/5 (22 reviews)

Price: $16.95


The Lynwood

The Lynwood is a semi-rimless half reader with a lightweight yet durable frame, and half moon shape.”

Customer Rating: 4.5/5 (207 reviews)

Price: $15.95


The Bishop

The Bishop is a lightweight, thin reader that is available in classic brown or black – or trendy blue or red. Spring temples provide a comfortable fit, while the semi-rimless lenses allow you to peek over the top when not reading.”

Customer Rating: 4/5 (117 reviews)

Price: $15.95


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