10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids



Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids is a great way to teach them the value of expressing love and affection at a young age. There’s plenty of crafts, recipes, activities and traditions you can utilize to spark excitement and get them involved in holiday festivities. In light of the February holiday approaching, the . team has put together a list of 10 different, kid-friendly ways you can get festive with the little ones. Enjoy!

1. Hang up festive decorations around the house


Getting festive for different holidays is always a great way to get the kids excited to celebrate. Hang up a banner on the fireplace mantle or stickers and decals on your windows. You can find all of your Valentine’s Day decoration essentials for a great price at Hobby Lobby. Need some decoration inspiration? Check out these home decor ideas for Valentine’s Day!



2. Let them choose their own Valentine’s Day cards

Handing out Valentine’s Day cards and candy to your classmates is a longstanding grade school tradition. Walgreens has a great selection of themed Valentine’s Day goodies for kids (remember Necco Sweethearts?!). Let them pick out the cards or candy they’d like to give out. That way, they’ll be even more excited for Valentine’s Day when it’s time to celebrate at school.



3. Prepare a Valentine’s Day craft together

Easy Peasy and Fun

Is there anything kids love more than arts and crafts? Get their hands on something artsy with a fun, easy holiday project. This Valentine’s Day Heart Fingerprint Tree craft is a great way to celebrate the holiday of love while creating a keepsake from their childhood. You can find all necessary craft essentials at Michael’s to perfectly complete any project.



4. Let them make their own masterpieces

You can also let them express their artistic tendencies by giving them supplies to create their own artistic pieces of work! Whether they’d prefer to paint, draw or cut out shapes with construction paper, you can find basic art supplies for kids at Melissa & Doug. Allowing them to get creative on their own can be just as meaningful in the end!



5. Dress them for the occasion

When Valentine’s Day finally strikes, why not celebrate by letting them dressing up in festive clothing? Have them pick out their own Valentine’s Day outfits, or check out the selection of holiday-themed clothing for boys and girls at Target.



6. Bake tasty Valentine’s Day desserts


One thing kids love most about Valentine’s Day is the assortment of sweets and treats that come with it. Gather your little helpers in the kitchen and have some fun baking a delicious Valentine’s Day recipe. Walmart has a great selection of baking needs and accessories for completing any scrumptious dessert you choose. Try tackling these amazing red velvet cake bites. They’ll certainly satisfy a young one’s sweet tooth, plus, they’re super simple to prepare!



7. Surprise them with something special in the morning

As a kid, waking up to an unexpected Valentine’s Day gift will absolutely brighten your day. Surprise them with something small, but special in the morning and send them off to school with a big smile on their face. This gift box from Kmart comes with candy and a plush stuffed animal…it’s the perfect way to say celebrate your love for them this Valentine’s Day!



8. Serve a signature breakfast


Why not start their day with a Valentine’s Day breakfast! You can add apples, strawberries or pink and red candies to fancy up a basic breakfast for the occasion. If you really want to go crazy, check out this ombre pancake kit from Foodstirs. Can you think of a Valentine’s Day breakfast that beats pink pancakes?



9. Send them off with something sweet for their classmates

You can add a personal touch to their school Valentine’s Day cards by including something sweet with each handout. This chocolate science lab kit from Toys R Us includes everything you need to prepare and mold your own chocolate eggs, lollipops and other various shapes. The kit allows you to explore physical science and learn about heat, temperature and the phases of matter all while having fun making cute chocolate !



10. Start a new tradition

Involving the kids in Valentine’s Day celebrations will give them something to look forward to every year after. Why not start a Valentine’s Day tradition and document your celebrations year after year? Start a family scrapbook with photos of your festivities and add to it as they grow up. Jo-Ann Fabrics has an unbeatable selection of scrapbooks and supplies, some designed for Valentine’s Day specifically. With a Valentine’s Day scrapbook, you’ll be able to look back on their childhood and reminisce about the great times you had celebrating as a family!



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