10 Useful Tips for Fighting the Summer Heat

CliqueTips_MainImage_BlogTitle_BeatHeat_600x100If there’ one thing that crept up on us quicker than expected, it’s the peak of the summer season. In the blink of an eye, we sailed through June and landed smack in the middle of July in the midst of hotter than usual temperatures.

At this time of year, it’s always a struggle to in the unavoidable heat. Let’s not forget about the frizzy hair, oily skin and constant reapplication of deodorant. Ugh.


Not to worry, though. We’ve put together a list of practical to keep in the back of your mind while fighting the like a boss.


  1. Drink up


    And by this, we’re talking about water. There’s nothing like ice cold H2O to help lower your body temperature and keep you from getting dehydrated, especially when you’re battling the blaring sun outdoors.

  2. Invest in a quality fan

    White Fan Clique Tips

    Having a high-power fan handy can make a significant difference in your comfort level.  You’ll want to provide cool air circulation throughout your house, so investing in more than one might be a good idea if your place doesn’t have central A.C. Check out these standing fans from Lowe’s.

  3. Leave the stove off

    Clique Tips Stove Heat

    During the summer months, it’s not a bad idea to consider alternative ways to cook. The heat from the stove can cause your house to heat up quick, especially if you live in close quarters (like an apartment or condo).  Grilling outdoors is an excellent way to whip up some fresh food, and nothing beats the smell of a summer barbecue.

  1. Close those curtains


    Keep the horizontal blinds closed tightly during the brightest times of the day. Heavy dark curtains will keep light out and indoor temperatures will remain cool.

  1. Conserve energy

    Conserve Energy Clique Tips

    The use of electricity produces heat, so natural, your home heats up the more you use these resources. Turn off the lights, shut down computers and limit your use of appliances. Try to keep things unplugged as often as possible, too.

  1. Hang out on the lower levels


    We all know that heat rises, which can make second and third floors of your home unbearably hot. If you’re spending time indoors, hang out on the first floor or in the basement of your house.

  1. Take a cool shower

    Take A Cool Shower Clique Tips

    Turn down the temps on the water for your regular showers. A hot shower during the winter months is ideal, but not so much when July brings 90 degree weather. A cooler shower will help reduce any unnecessary body heat and will cut down on the rising temperatures within your home.

  1. Invest in a ceiling fan

    Ceiling fan clique tips

    Installing permanent fan fixtures like ceiling fans and whole house fans will be a purchase you won’t regret. During cool nights, you may be able to turn off the A/C and rely solely on the cool air from the ceiling fan instead. Check out these ceiling fans from Home Depot.

  1. Close the doors


    If you want your air conditioning to remain as cool as possible, it’s crucial to keep the hot summer air out of your home. Make sure that all doors, windows and anything that vents outside is closed when the A/C is running, and avoid going in and out of the house when necessary.

  1. Dress light


    Hey, the summer’s meant for dresses and bikinis, anyway. Wear less layers to feel cooler and let your body breathe off the heat. Certain fabrics like linen or cotton can help reduce sweating and increase your comfort level as well.


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