10 Great Wedding Gift ideas for the Bride and Groom

 10 Great Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom Clique Tips


Not sure what to gift the newlyweds on their big day? Check out this list of great wedding gift ideas!


1. Framed Wedding Memories

Antiqued Mirror Collage Frame Antiqued Mirror Collage Frame Add to cart options Antiqued Mirror Collage Frame

Create a mini-collage of the best memories from the couple’s special day. An engagement picture, an invitation, and any other special memories you want to include will be a keepsake they’ll hold onto forever. Buy the frame from Pier 1 Imports here.

2. A gift card to their favorite restaurant

Gift Card to Their Favorite Restaurant

Cover the bill for a few of their first date nights as a married couple. Who doesn’t appreciate a romantic evening for free?

3. Personalized Leather Passport Covers

The Expedition Personalized Leather Passport Cover Holder Compass Passport Travel

After the wedding, the bride and groom will most likely be heading off on their highly-anticipated honeymoon vacation. Gift them with a pair of customized, leather passport holders – engraved with their initials and the date of their wedding anniversary! Etsy has the above passport holders here.

4. A Full Cookware Set

Calphalon® Signature™ Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set and Open Stock

No newly-married couple wants to go out and buy all the necessary kitchen accessories for their home, so why not give them a set of nice cookware? This beautiful stainless steel set can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond here.

5. A customized wedding album

A4 Ring Binder Wedding Album - 56 pages//Wedding Guest Book// Kraft Scrapbook Album // Photo Album //

You can take a customizable album and really make it your own. Create a guest book with handwritten messages from wedding guests, or create a timeline of photos, starting from when the couple first met. When a gift is as personal as this, it’s hard not to love. Buy this featured wedding album from Etsy here.

6. The Dyson Vacuum

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal+Allergy

This is exactly the kind of thing that everyone wants, but no one will actually buy it for themselves. If you’ve got the extra money to splurge, gift the happy couple with the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal and Allergy vacuum. It will never not be appreciated.

7. ‘Mr & Mrs.’ bath towels

Avanti Silver Block Monogram "Mrs." Bath Towel Collection

Monogrammed anything will certainly fill the bride and groom with excitement, especially now that the bride can officially be referred to as “Mrs”. A nice, elegant set of bath towels are always a wonderful option. Buy these Mr & Mrs. bath towels from Bed Bath & Beyond here.

8. A gift Card for home decorating

Gift Card to home Decorating

Usually, the purchase of a new home comes before, with or after a couple ties the knot. Help fancy up their new home by lending your hand with some of the big decorating costs! A gift card is great, because the couple can use it to buy exactly what they want for decorating purposes. You can purchase gift cards from Pier 1, Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more.

9. A Class to attend together

a class to attend together

Gift the bride and groom with something original, like a hobby class. Whether it’s cooking, painting, yoga, or wine-tasting, the couple has the chance to learn some new skills together and try something fun as newlyweds. Groupon is a great site to browse local events and classes at low prices.

10. Travel Luggage


Instead of passport covers, send the couple off on their honeymoon with some matching leather luggage. You can find this item any many others like it on Luggage Pros.





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