10 Fin-Tastic Items for Girls Who Love Shark Week

Shark Week 2017 is officially scheduled to begin on Sunday, July 23rd. Are you excited? So are we.

Every year, Shark Week introduces us to bigger teeth, scarier sharks and deadlier encounters.

Though many of us wouldn’t dream of swimming with or around a toothy shark, we can still celebrate these amazing creatures who happen to live at the top of the ocean’s food chain. After all, maybe they’re just misunderstood?

If you’re a gal who loves the thrill of Shark Week, you NEED to check out these ten, fresh-to-depth shark items, all of which are eligible for 10% cash back with FreeShipping.com. Take a look!


1. Shark iPhone 6 Case

If your phone follows you everywhere, it might as well be a shark.


2. Shark Tooth Ring Wrap

Your accessories can show some teeth, too.


3. Shark Makeup Bag

There are sharks on your makeup bag. Your makeup is fierce. Therefore, you are a shark.


4. Summertime Shark Float Ring


shark pool float

Target $19.99

Do you really want to lounge in the pool any other way?


5. Shark Week Ceramic Travel Mug

shark week travel mug

Etsy $20

These are jaw-some words to live by.


6. Sarcastic Shark Women’s Tank Top

shark funny tank top

Walmart $19.99

This shirt is so sharkastic.


7. Shark Chase Stripe Socks

These sharks will keep your feet toasty warm.


8. Shark Week: 25th Anniversary Collection on Blue-Ray

shark week 25th anniversary collection

Best Buy $11.99

You deserve to enjoy Shark Week any time of year.


9. Shark Beach Towel

shark beach towel

Kohl’s $12.99

Lay back and relax. We’re all just sharks out of water.


10. The Encyclopedia of Sharks

Stay shark with some serious knowledge.


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