10 Festive Tips for Throwing an Awesome Cinco de Mayo Party


Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

If you’re a typical American who knows nothing about Mexican culture, you’re probably still very excited to celebrate this holiday. To be honest, I’d thoroughly look forward to any day that allowed me to shamelessly enjoy tacos and margaritas and call it a “celebration”. Random thought: do you think Mexico gets excited about eating hamburgers and hot dogs on the 4th of July? My guess is probably not.

Either way, if you plan to celebrate this widely-cherished holiday, why not go all the way and host your own party with awesome decor and delicious food? Put your creativity to the test and do something none of your friends have done before. How very original of you!

In anticipation of the upcoming Mexican celebration, we want to help you throw the best Cinco de Mayo party anyone’s ever attended. That’s right, we’re literally giving you the resources you need to throw an awesome party (you can thank us after your guests are blown away). Below is a list of our top picks for festive decorations, food, music and party favor ideas for your Cinco de Mayo bash. Enjoy!

1. Set up a taco bar

Grab some eclectic or bright-colored dishware and set up a table for guests to build their own tacos. Don’t forget to provide all the taco-perfecting necessities and try mixing things up with a few unusual ingredients! To your advantage, Wedding Chicks will show you how to do it the right way and provide you with free printable menus and labels to really fancy up the setting!

2. Prepare individual layered dip cups

These cute little snacks are super easy to make and they create the perfect appetizer to serve your guests. You’ll avoid a crowd around a communal dip dish and since they’re disposal, it’s one less mess you’ll have to clean up later. Get the recipe from Cooking Classy.

3. Create centerpieces with Coronita bottles

It’s pretty simple to turn these empty cerveza bottles into festive centerpieces. Brighten the table up by adding colored water or fill the bottles with paints that really pop. If you don’t have any empty bottles lying around, buy them full, empty the beer into pitchers and serve it to your guests as a refreshing beverage! Jacolyn Murphy will show you how to make these low-budget centerpieces with ease.

4. Set up a margarita bar

Margaritas are an essential part of any Cinco de Mayo celebration, so why not give them the attention they deserve? Of course, you’ll need to serve the tequila, but also provide a number of different mixers for your guests to choose from. You can find a thousand different margarita recipes online, so just pick and choose your favorites to create the perfect margarita bar setup. Find out more from The EveryGirl.

5. Get crafty with painted maracas

From: PunchBowl

From: PunchBowl

These DIY instruments will act as a festive addition to your party. Get together with some friends who plan to attend and craft these as a group. Your guests can make their own personalized pair of maracas and paint them as they wish! Get the full instructions from PunchBowl.

6. Step up your margarita game with Frosty Mexican Bulldog Margaritas

From: KQED Food

From: KQED Food

You can choose to serve these at your margarita bar or separately as you party’s “signature cocktail”. These margaritas are pretty much as festive as you can get, requiring the combination of a Corona and a margarita to create a…wait for it…coronarita. Get the recipe from KQED Food.

7. Serve Cinco de Mayo Fruit Kabobs as a snack

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Mexican culture, the nation’s flag consists of three colors: red, white and green. That’s why these super easy fruit kabobs are an excellent snack to serve at your shin dig! They’re also a perfect alternative for non-meat eaters and they’re obviously healthy. Find out how to prepare these holiday appropriate snacks from Here Comes The Sun.

8. Make your own fiesta flower decor

All you need is tissue paper, scotch tape, a pair of scissors and a stapler. This will be the cheapest, most beautiful craft you’ve ever completed, and your guests will love the colorful decor. Use red, white and green tissue paper to represent the Mexican flag or go crazy with a bunch of different colors! Aunt Peaches will tell you how to make these flowers in no time.

9. Master the music with this spot on Cinco de Mayo playlist

Every fiesta requires the proper tunes and this playlist provided by Sunglass Warehouse has you covered. You may even go down in history as the best Cinco de Mayo DJ ever. Who knows.

10. And for dessert…Choco Tacos. Oh my.

Just do it. Get the recipe from Love Bakes Good Cakes.


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