10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas That Rock

CT_wideimage_WithBlogTitle_DIYcostume_600x100Halloween will be here before you know it. But since we have a few weeks left, now is the time to start thinking about making your Halloween costume.

Creating your costume can be a fun and frugal way to show up to that Halloween party or get-together with a unique disguise. We’ve searched the Internet and found a few of our favorite costume ideas for young and old. We hope you’ll like them as much as we do.

10 DIY Halloween Costumes Worth Creating

  1. Source: POPSUGAR

    Source: POPSUGAR

    Rosie the Riveter. This is a great one for gals of all ages. Strike a vintage feel when you dress up as the heroine of American feminism: Rosie the Riveter. All it takes is denim clothing, a handkerchief, red lipstick, and some vintage hair styling. Feel the empowerment!

  1. Lady Gray. Here’s another fantastic idea for women that’s all in the makeup: Lady Gray. The key is getting the makeup right, and other than that, all you need is a black dress and some dress shoes that can come right from your closet. Whoever knew gray could look so good?!
  1. Mummy. Consider this old standby if you’re looking for something simple and fuss-free. This idea works for adults and kids. Follow this tutorial to make a Mummy costume out of a sheet set. If you have an old pair of white sheets around, you can save a little money by using them. This costume will make sure your budget is not ripped to shreds.
  1. CT_sideimage_DIYcostumeMinion_298x403Despicable Me Minion. I love this idea for parents who will be taking their kids trick-or-treating and need a quick and easy way to look festive. Dress up your head as a Despicable Me Minion using a yellow ski hat or beanie and a few household items. You’ll stay warm and be easy to spot, even at night.
  1. Rubik’s Cube. I remember having a store-bought costume similar to this when I was a kid, but now you can create your own Rubik’s Cube costume using a cardboard box, colored paper, and electrical tape. Your Halloween costume puzzle will be easily solved!
  1. CT_sideimage_DIYcostumeCupcake_298x403Cupcake. I’ve been seeing this one making the rounds on Facebook, and it’s so adorable and simple to make. Dress your little one up like a Cupcake using an upside-down lampshade and batting material. Ideal for girls, young and old. Too sweet!
  1. Pin-Up. This idea is perfect for the ladies who want to show their sexy side this Halloween. Bring out your inner Pin-up with a pretty dress, pencil skirt or hot shorts, heels, red lipstick, fake eyelashes, hair flower, and bumper bangs and/or victory rolls. You can style your own hair or don a wig. It’s glamour in a hurry and on a budget.
  1. Etch A Sketch. We’re bringing back another childhood fave with this one, and it’s good for young and old, male and female. Dress up as an Etch A Sketch this Halloween, and we’re pretty sure you’ll have one of the most unique costumes around. This costume idea is really a kick, because it’s designed to be functional!
  1. CT_sideimage_DIYcostumeGrapes_298x403Bunch of Grapes. Keep Halloween sweet and natural this year by dressing up as your favorite fruit. This Bunch of Grapes costume is super-easy to put together using inflated balloons and leaves. You choose the color — red, purple, or green! Dress in the matching color for a more convincing look.
  1. American Idol Contestant. If you’re a fan of pop culture and reality shows, you should dig this super-easy Halloween costume idea. Pretend you’re a competitor on the show when you design your own American Idol Contestant Because of how simple it is, this makes a great last-minute costume for men or women.

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What are you thinking to dress up as for Halloween? What’s the best DIY Halloween costume you’ve seen?

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