Behind-the-Scenes Look at’s First National TV Commercial!

CT_collage_TVcommericial_groupSince 2002, has had millions of satisfied subscribers, so we thought it was finally time to spread the word about all the savings offers by filming our first national TV commercial!

We spent months with our TV production company, planning the commercial with storyboards, concepts, and long meetings — and we all came to one conclusion:

There’s no one better to share the joy of than our amazing customers!

So we started reaching out to some of our most loyal subscribers, asking them to tell us their stories. We heard so many great examples of all the ways our customers have saved money with us over the years that it was hard to decide! We eventually whittled our choices down to a group of 9 super shoppers to share in this experience with us, and now we want to share it with you!

We flew out to Los Angeles at the end of April, ready to take part in and witness the filming of’s first-ever TV commercial. Since this was our first time filming a TV commercial, we had no idea what to expect, but we were excited to see if it would be anything like we imagined. Would it be just like you see in the movies? It was pretty close — and definitely an experience that we, and the members who participated, will never forget.CT_wideimage_TVcommercial1

On the first day of the shoot, we filmed the scenes that would go in between each subscriber’s testimonial.  We filmed a comparison shopping scene between “Susan” (a member) and “Sondra” (a non-member). It was such a surreal experience to see a storyboard we had worked on for months finally come to life! We got to watch each take and give directions of what we wanted to see.

We also flew the 9 lucky customers — Betsie & Lyle, Lynn & Dave, Oscar, Amy, Jeannie, Laura and Michelle — out to LA for the whole Hollywood experience. The night before the filming, we had a party for these super shoppers, where we took the opportunity to really get to know them. By the end of the night, everyone was excited to get the cameras rolling.CT_collage_TVcommercial_makeup

The next morning, the subscribers came in to prepare for their close-ups. They got camera-ready in hair and makeup before going through their lighting tests. Then came their shining moment — the actual shoot, where they shared their personal stories:

  • Lynn and Dave have been subscribers since 2009, and Lynn has taught her whole family how to use to always get the best deals — even when they buy her gifts! They’ve been doing a lot of remodeling lately, and has helped them save a lot of money!
  • Michelle used to shop at another cash-back website, but when she found and our consistent 10% cash back, she never looked back! makes her feel like super mom.
  • Oscar said that has given him the confidence to always get the lowest price online, and it lets him shop more! He loves getting those checks in the mail.
  • Jeannie is an avid online shopper, and she wishes she knew about sooner – so it would allow her to continue to do her two favorite things – shop and save!
  • saves Laura time and money – which she loves! She goes to first for anything she wants to buy online!
  • Amy went shopping crazy when she joined – it just made everything that easy for her!
  • Betsie and Lyle love that is so much more than free shipping – its price protection, return shipping and 10% cash back!

But don’t take our word for it — let them tell you why they love!

While you’re at it, check out the entire commercial; we’re so happy with it that we wanted to share it with you here (in case you’re busy today and can’t get to a TV)!

We’re proud and thrilled to be sharing the joys of with a national TV audience, and we have lots of cool events planned to help us celebrate! More importantly, though, we want to invite you to join the fun, so keep an eye out for extra savings and more exciting things to come!

In the meantime, let us know what you think of our commercials — and tell us what you’d say if you were asked to share the reasons why you love!

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