5 Savvy Shopping Tips to Save Money on Summer Clothes NOW

With summer in full swing, you have plenty of barbecues, parties, and special occasions to attend, and you want to look sharp. You already know that you can save on seasonal clothes once that season is over, but how can you snag a deal on the current season’s favorite styles? We are going to share 5 savvy shopping tips to save money on summer clothes NOW:

  1. Take advantage of summer sales. Summer has its share of slashed prices, so watch the sales papers and your email inbox to take advantage of sale prices as they appear. Sales can include discounts on individual items; Buy One, Get One deals; and coupons for a certain amount off of either one item or your entire purchase. Try to combine discounts when possible — for example, combine sale prices with a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase.
  2. Peruse the clearance section. A great way to find exceptional savings is to shop your favorite store’s clearance section. Whether in store or online, you can find significant savings on the clothing that you are looking for in their clearance section. Even if you require fancier attire, you may be able to find it on clearance. For my budget wedding, I shopped the clearance section at a department store and was able to get not only 1, but 2 dresses to wear because they were so cheap!
  3. Go garage sale-ing. Garage sales abound during the spring, summer, and fall and can be an ideal way to get summer clothing at rock-bottom prices. It may seem trashy, but remember that you can find treasures at garage and estate sales. Oftentimes, there is nothing wrong with the clothes. Rather, people may outgrow or no longer have a need for them, making them available to you at prices that your pocketbook will love. Sometimes you can even find brand-new clothes with the tags still on!
  4. Shop consignment shops and thrift stores. Consignment stores can be an excellent source for high-quality clothing for the entire family. Because the items are on consignment (store sells item on behalf of owner, and the 2 parties share the profit, or item is returned to owner if unsold), normally only top-notch clothing and brands are accepted. You can even find new items with the tags still on. Thrift stores can also provide plenty of fantastic deals on current season clothing. You may be able to get 2 or 3 pieces for the price of 1 regular price piece.
  5. Shop from the comfort of home and utilize your FreeShipping.com membership. What would you say if I offered you totally FREE shipping on purchases bought from the comfort of home, exclusive discounts, AND 5% cash back on your purchases? If you have a FreeShipping.com membership, those are the benefits available to you that provide the utmost in convenience and cost savings. Shop online for summer clothing for the entire family, and save both time and money when you utilize your FreeShipping.com membership.

Go forth into summer in style and savings when you follow these savvy shopping strategies. If you are not currently a member of FreeShipping.com, sign up today to take advantage of our 30-day, no-cost review — and stop paying full price for shipping!


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