Gear Up for Summer Safety during National Safety Month in June

 Summer is the time to get outdoors, get active, and try some activities or see some sights that you might not get to everyday. But while you are enjoying all that summer has to offer, you need to remember to focus on safety first.

Safety comes in many different forms, but June is dedicated to National Safety Month. The annual event is designed to increase education and awareness in order to help prevent avoidable injuries and deaths. Particularly since the summer months cause many people to step outside their comfort zones, holding this campaign in June is excellent timing.

If you will be stepping into the Great Outdoors, you want to make sure that you do the proper preparation to ensure your safety. Whether you plan to canoe down a river, visit a national park, go mountain climbing, or go swimming at the local pool, all of these activities have the capacity for great peril as well as great fun. You have the power to help prevent accidents and danger by applying a little forethought.

Cabela’s is known as the “world’s foremost outfitter,” and for over five decades, they have been providing the quality outdoor equipment that true enthusiasts expect. Whether you like to go hunting, camping, boating, fishing, or RVing, Cabela’s can make sure that you have all of the necessary gear.

If you like to go walking, hiking, biking or exploring, a GPS unit can help you to stay on the right path and prevent you from getting lost. Cabela’s can equip you to handle any emergency situation with their selection of Emergency Readiness Top Picks. Two-way radios can provide communication even when you are out in the wilderness. If you plan to be on the water, it is always wise to wear to a life jacket. If you will be hunting with guns, you may want to guard your hearing by investing in hearing protection. If you are shopping for a deal, check out Cabela’s Bargain Cave to save up to 70% on over 10,000 items. Take on summer’s adventures smartly with equipment and gear from Cabela’s.  Exclusive Deal for Free shipping by rebate with NO MINIMUM purchase required. 

In summer it may seem that less is more when it comes to clothing, but actually the opposite may be true. If you have ever noticed that those who live in hot climates tend to wear a surprising amount of clothing, including long sleeves and pants with something covering their neck and head, there is a reason for that.

Sun and hot weather can lead to sunburn, sun damage, skin cancer, heat exhaustion, dehydration, fainting, and even death in at-risk individuals. Due to this risk, clothing can prove to be a vital component of outdoor summer safety. Clothing can be a natural sunscreen, shielding your skin from the sun. It can also help the skin to stay cooler, thereby keeping internal temperature down and providing some protection against heat exhaustion and similar ailments. Wearing something over your head can also help you to beat the heat. Lightweight, loose clothing in light colors is recommended.

Eddie Bauer can keep you dressed for style and safety this summer with a wide selection of clothing and accessories for the entire family. Gear up for rainy days or cool nights with their outerwear collection. Find comfort that moves with Eddie Bauer’s selection of functional footwear, including boots, hiking and trail shoes, sandals, and active shoes. Catch some waves with their assortment of swimwear and beach gear.

Eddie Bauer provides active wear and sportswear, base layer clothing, and backpacks and gear.  Find hats to provide sun and heat protection, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and high quality gear for outdoor recreation on A couple of their products have even been featured as some of the best for 2012. Their First Ascent section features information and gear for the most extreme at heart that enjoy mountain and rock climbing. The newer Sports Shop features clothing and accessories for shooting enthusiasts, including safety glasses to protect your eyes. Eddie Bauer has been striving to be the best since 1920, so they have the expertise to provide you with the best for summer and beyond. Exclusive Deal for Free shipping by rebate with NO MINIMUM purchase required. 

Summer is a time for fun, celebration, adventure and relaxation. Allow to help you ensure that this summer is the safest and most enjoyable to date.  Happy National Safety Month!

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