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College is expensive—tuition, boarding, and textbooks make going to college a very costly endeavor.  Although many schooling costs are fixed with little wiggle room, one way that you can save substantially is on college textbooks.  Forego the campus bookstore next semester, and score big savings when you shop online with our newest Instant website was started in 2002 by Bobby Brannigan, a college student who noticed that many used textbooks were simply discarded by the campus bookstore.  He was allowed to take the books, and was able to sell them online for $1,500.  This inspired him to begin purchasing his own college textbooks online, and later to form his own online textbook marketplace. allows college students to buy and sell textbooks from the convenience of their computer.  You can search by ISBN number, title, author, subject, or school to find the books that you need.  You can choose whether to purchase new or used books.  They also make selling simple by offering instant price quotes and 48 hour payment.

Another newer option for textbook savings is rental.  With, you can rent the textbook that you need for a reduced rate, and return it when the class is finished.

And with’s “Extra Mile Guarantee,” you can feel assured that you will get friendly, same-business-day customer service to resolve any potential issue. Students will appreciate their Campus Life section, which offers blog posts, videos, pictures, giveaway contests, and articles meant to inform and entertain.

The next time that you need college textbooks, save yourself some serious cash by shopping at  If you are looking for more ways to save, you can check out their article featuring tips to save money on textbooks.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Exclusive Deal for Instant Free Shipping, PLUS 5% off any book sale or rental!

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