10 Prank Props to Make Your April Fool’s Scheme Epic

If you’ve been pranked, tricked or wronged by someone close to you, April Fool’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to seek revenge.

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute prank or a detailed plan of attack, you’ll be thankful for the original pranksters who created these unique products specifically for tricking your friends. We’ve put together a list of our favorite prank props to use this April Fool’s Day. Take a look and let the creativity ensue!


1. Fake Spilled Pop in a Vanilla Coke Can


2. Bacon Bonanza Sampler Gift Pack


 3. Orange-Kneed Tarantula


4. Toilet Water Bowl


 5. Biohazard Barricade Tape


6. Fake Money


 7. Fake Blood


8. Trick Deck of Cards


9. Disappearing Knife


10. Exhaust Whistle Rack Pack


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