’Tis the Season to Eat: 5 Savvy Strategies to Save Money on Holiday Meals

holidayfood_mainOne of the best parts of the holiday season is the food. It’s no wonder we tend to pack on the pounds this time of year — tasty temptations are everywhere! Our favorite meals can provide some of the sweetest memories of holidays past. If you’re ready to whip up some of your family’s favorites this holiday season but want to save money in the process, we have some helpful tips.

5 Delicious Tips for Holiday Meals on a Budget

  1. Shop the sales. This is a no-brainer, but most of the items you will need for holiday meals may be on sale at local grocery stores. Take advantage of these slashed prices and start your holiday meal shopping early, utilizing the different weekly sales leading up to the major holidays to get everything you need.
  2. Ask for contributions.holidayfood_table If you’re hosting dinner at your house, don’t feel shy to enlist others to give you a helping hand. Even if it’s not a potluck because you’ll be providing most of the meal, consider asking your family and friends to bring an appetizer, dessert, or drink. This can lessen the load on your kitchen and wallet.
  3. Stick with in-season. As you’re preparing fruits or vegetables for your holiday meal, you can save a pretty dime by using produce that is in-season and local to the region you live in. You will normally find these options on sale throughout the holiday season.
  4. Buy in bulk. Big holiday meals require lots of food, so you may be able to cut some costs by purchasing supplies in bulk. This is especially true regarding holiday baking necessities. You may find bulk items at your local grocery store, mass merchandiser, or warehouse store.
  5. Simplify your menu. Keep it simple this holiday season, and you will inevitably save money. Limit your offerings when it comes to appetizers, main and side dishes, desserts, and drinks. Remember that less is more, and offering too many options can lead to waste.

There’s no need to spend more on holiday meals when you plan ahead and follow these savvy tips.

FreeShipping.com will Help You Eat Well and Spend Less this Holiday Season

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holidayfood_BJslogoRemember when we talked about buying in bulk to save? Here’s your opportunity to do so. BJ’s Wholesale Club is a membership warehouse club that offers big savings on leading name brands. Whether you’re looking to stock your home with groceries for all those big holiday soirées or need some gift ideas, BJ’s offers wholesale club prices on all of your seasonal and household necessities.

Want to spread savings for this good season? Pass this blog post around to your family and friends!

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Holiday Cheer on a Budget: 5 Festive and Frugal Tips to Save on Holiday Decorations

HolidayDecorations_mainThe holidays are in full swing. Have you decorated your home yet? If not, it’s not too late to get started. Celebrating the holiday season can be costly, and festive decorations can definitely add to the expense. But there are ways to minimize the costs while lighting up your holiday season with colorful and celebratory decorations.

5 Affordable Ways to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

  1. HolidayDecorations_rightPurchase secondhand. Instead of shopping pricey department stores, consider purchasing holiday decorations from thrift or consignment shops. You may find both commonplace and unique holiday décor options at a fraction of the original prices.
  2. Invest in reusable decorations. When you add to your holiday decoration collection, consider how long the item will last. Over time, you will save more money if you buy decorations that can be used year after year.
  3. Less is more. You may feel the need to light your house up like Clark Griswold in the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but there’s no need to go overboard with your holiday decorating. Select a few decorations or areas of your home to focus on and highlight.
  4. Make your own decorations. An easy way to trim your tree while trimming costs is to get creative and make your own holiday décor items. Check out Pinterest and craft blogs for plenty of fun and festive ideas.
  5. Look to nature. No need to head to the stores to celebrate the holiday season. You can decorate your tree or home by looking to the great outdoors instead. Pinecones; cinnamon sticks; evergreen wreaths, swags, and trees; holly berries; and twigs can add an organic and inexpensive touch to your holiday decorating.

Decorate on a Dime with FreeShipping.com

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apps_plowandhearth_logoFind quality holiday décor when you shop our registered retailer Plow & Hearth. Since 1980, they have been specializing in unique and enduring products for your home and lifestyle. During the holidays, you will find a vast assortment of decorations in their Holiday Shop. If you’re looking for décor items worth investing in, Plow & Hearth can provide them.

apps_HomeDecoratorsCollection_logoNeed to freshen up your home before putting up all of those holiday decorations? Home Decorators Collection can help! They have furniture for your entire home, along with products to organize your living space. Your home will be in tip-top shape just in time for all of your holiday guests.

apps_qvc_logoSave money and find exciting options for your holiday decorating on QVC.com. You will be amazed at their selection and prices when you check out the Holiday Décor section on their website. Since 1986, QVC has been wow-ing shoppers with products that represent quality, value, and convenience.

With a little savvy thinking, it can be simple to decorate your entire home without draining your pocketbook. Know someone who can use a little help in that department? Give them a helping hand by sharing this blog post with them. ;)

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Holiday Travel on a Budget: 3 Strategies to Save Money with Travel Accessories

holidaytravel_mainThe holiday season is one of the busiest travel times of the year. Whether you’ll be flying, driving, or commuting to visit family this year, it helps to have the right travel accessories. We’re here to help you by sharing some ways you can save money using the right travel essentials.

3 Ways to Save Using Travel Accessories

  1. Go digital with guidebooks.holidaytravel_phone Instead of hauling around heavy guidebooks, utilize online resources instead. Some of these apps may be free to download and use. To avoid overusing your cell phone data plan, look for apps that can be downloaded and used offline.
  2. Save space in your luggage. Want to lighten your load and the cost to your wallet? Minimize the need for larger or numerous pieces of luggage by utilizing space-saving technology that takes your clothes and compresses them to maximize space. You’ll have less luggage to haul around and fewer baggage fees.
  3. GPS your way to savings. Whether you plan to travel by car to your destination or to drive around town when you get there, a GPS unit is an affordable investment that can save you money for years to come. Utilize your GPS to find the shortest/cheapest ways to get where you want to go. You will save gas money, miles on your rental car, and/or tolls. You can use a stand-alone GPS unit, a GPS unit installed in your vehicle, or a GPS app on your phone.

Feast on Savings All Year Long with FreeShipping.com

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apps_swissoutpost_logoWe have an extensive list of registered retailers dedicated to helping you save. Make sure that you arrive to your holiday destination on time when you purchase timepieces from Swiss Outpost. They carry your favorite watch brands, including Seiko, Pulsar, and Citizen.

apps_maps.com_logoGuide your travel with maps and travel guides from Maps.com. Find the best ways to get around. Get digital maps of domestic and international airports to make navigating them easier and quicker. Invest in map software to make trip planning more productive.

Know someone who will be traveling over the holidays? Lend them a hand by sharing these tips and resources with them.

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FreeShipping.com is thrilled to announce that our members can earn 20% cash back on purchases at a variety of top online retailers this coming weekend!

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Show Your Gratitude: 3 Frugal Tips to Save Money on Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

ThanksgivingGift_mainWith Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to solidify your holiday plans. Will you be going to your parents’ house? Your in-laws’? Your friend’s? Regardless of where you will chowing down for the big day, you’ll want to plan ahead to say thanks for their hospitality. A Thanksgiving hostess gift is a great way to show your gratitude. We have some tips to share with you about how to say thanks without strapping your budget.

3 Ways to Show Your Thankfulness on a Budget

  1. ThanksgivingGifts_RightParticipate in a Thanksgiving potluck. Combine the best of both worlds by bringing a dish to Thanksgiving dinner. Other options could include a bottle of wine, desserts, or appetizers. The item will come in handy for the hostess, while keeping your budget in check.
  2. Create a basket of thanks. Instead of purchasing an expensive gift basket, why not personalize it by making your own? It’s so easy to do and can be a lot cheaper than buying a pre-made one. Get a basket, bowl, or container; fill it with fruit, nuts, drinks, spirits, meats, cheeses, crackers, etc.; wrap it with cellophane; and attach a gift tag. It’s that easy!
  3. Flowers can be frugal and festive. When looking for a Thanksgiving hostess gift, consider flowers. They can be relatively inexpensive and will add festivity to the occasion. If you have chrysanthemums in your yard or outside your home in potted baskets, consider bringing those. Or check your local grocery store for bouquets on sale.

Gobble Down the Savings this Thanksgiving with FreeShipping.com

If you’re looking to save at Thanksgiving, look no further than FreeShipping.com. Your FreeShipping.com membership will open up a world of special benefits available exclusively to members, including 10% cash back, free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and a search tool that offers you instant price comparisons on any item sold through our cash-back network of over 1,000 top online retailers.

GourmetGiftBaskets_logoNeed the perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift? GourmetGiftBaskets.com has ideal options. Find gift baskets perfect for the occasion when you check out their Thanksgiving selection. Ready to start your Christmas shopping? They can help you with that, too. Get a head start on holiday shopping when you review their selection of Christmas gift baskets. You will also find corporate gifts, wine gifts, and care packages to suit all of your gift-giving needs.

Uncorked_logoFew things go better with the holidays than the gift of wine. Uncorked.com prides itself on being “home of the world’s greatest wines.” You will find wine for every occasion and budget. Looking for wine gifts? You will find them in abundance on Uncorked.com, including gift sets and gift baskets. If you need help showing your gratitude, their assortment of Thank You Gifts will steer you in the right direction. You can never go wrong with wine gifts.

Don’t forget to share this blog post to help your family and friends this holiday. We wish a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving holiday to you and yours! :)

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Hot Eats: 5 Sizzling Strategies to Save Money on Winter Barbecues

Dental_mainJust because the weather has gotten cool does not mean your love for barbecue food has to cease. In fact, there are some people, like my cousin, who barbecue outdoors all year round. It’s a great way to avoid mess in the kitchen. You can cook a variety of foods at the same time. And barbecuing can help you to keep the spirit of summer alive all winter long.

5 Ways to Save on Winter Barbecuing

  1. BBQ_RightGrill once for numerous meals. Instead of firing up the grill on a daily basis, it will cost you less to fire it up once and get a few meals accomplished. Remember that cold weather forces your barbecue to work harder when heating up, so it just makes sense to use it as much as possible when it’s ready to go.
  2. Check the sales papers for meat on sale. Don’t feel the need to purchase overly expensive cuts of meat. Rather, look for what’s on sale each week, and take advantage of the discounted prices. It can also add variety to your meals by allowing you to partake of various proteins.
  3. Keep your grill indoors or undercover. Winter weather can be rough on your barbecue. You can minimize winter’s damaging effects by storing your grill inside your garage or storage shed. If you must keep it outside, invest in a weatherproof cover to help protect your grill from the elements.
  4. Maintain your grill. Do you want to extend the lifespan of your barbecue grill? It’s very important to keep your grill clean and in good condition. Make sure to scrape your grill while it’s still warm and then dispose of the debris. You may also want to wipe it down to get rid of grease and residue from previous cookouts.
  5. Bone-in is friendly on your budget. Although boneless cuts of meat can be highly desirable, they can also be more expensive. Grill protein with the bones still in to find significant savings. More inexpensive cuts of meat can be just as tasty when cooked on the barbecue.

FreeShipping.com Can Provide Sizzling Savings All Winter Long

No need to leave your budget out in the cold when it comes to winter barbecues — or anything else for that matter. With a FreeShipping.com membership, you can enjoy 10% cash back, free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and a search tool that offers you instant price comparisons on any item sold through our cash-back network of over 1,000 top online retailers.

_ChicagoSteakCompany_logoLooking for the finest beef to throw on your grill? Look no further that our cash-back participating retailer c. Since 2007, they’ve been supplying customers with premium cuts of corn-fed, aged USDA prime beef. Whether you’re interested in filet mignon, strip steak, T-bone, or porterhouse steaks, Chicago Steak Company will not disappoint. Order now for your upcoming holiday meals. They even offer turkey, ham, poultry, and desserts to address all of your meal needs.

It may seem bizarre to barbecue during winter, but for some people, it’s an enjoyable and regular part of life. The tips above can help you to save money while enjoying delicious grilled food all winter long.

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