Bundle Up Your Home for Fall: 5 Strategies to Save Money by Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing_mainFall is a wonderful time of year, but it can mean falling temperatures and rising heating costs, as warm daytime temperatures give way to cool nights. Before the temperatures really drop, now is the best time to bundle up your home to prevent cold drafts and costly heating bills. Weatherproofing your home is an excellent way to stay warm and keep heating costs low.

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm for Fall and Beyond

  1. WeatherproofingCaulk_SideCaulk it up. Want to make sure all of those holes and cracks are sealed? Get a tube of clear caulk and a caulk gun. For a minimal investment, you can prevent chilly drafts and rising heating expenses. Make sure to fill in any cracks that may exist around windows, doors, electrical outlets, and light switch plates. Using some caulk is a cheaper alternative to replacing windows or doors.
  2. Wrap up those windows. Want to ensure that fall’s cool breezes do not invade your home? Seal up your windows using some clear plastic wrap and tape. You can use your own or buy a kit designed for this purpose. Just make sure that you’re done opening the windows for the season before sealing them up. Wrapping your windows can save you from having to replace them altogether.
  3. Weatherstripping is your friend. Even if you shut your front or back door, cold air may still be getting into your home. Weatherstripping can help to ensure a tight and snug fit around your doors and windows, thereby eliminating chilly drafts. If your doors and windows already feature weatherstripping, inspect to ensure it is in good shape and is creating an adequate seal. If your doors and/or windows lack weatherstripping or have old weatherstripping, you may want to install new weatherstripping to protect your home from the onslaught of cold weather. New weatherstripping can eliminate the need to replace older doors or windows.Weatherproofing_Furnace
  4. Service your furnace. So far, we’ve shared various other strategies to lower your heating costs, but one of the most important ways to save money on heating is by servicing your furnace. Having it looked at by a HVAC professional can ensure that your heating unit is running safely and efficiently. If you plan to do this yourself instead, don’t forget to change out the air filter and to vacuum out the unit to remove excess dirt. If you have a wood-burning stove or wood fireplace, you should consider having a professional come to properly clean out these units. Servicing these heating units can prevent the need for costly service or replacement down the road.
  5. Remove and/or cover A/C units. If you have window air conditioning units, you should remove them and close up the windows. If you have air conditioning units installed in your home’s walls, you should cover them up both on the inside and outside to prevent cold air from creeping in. This will save you money on heating, as well as protect your A/C units from potential damage due to freezing temperatures, snow, and ice.

Just by taking these simple steps, you can save hard-earned cash as cold weather approaches. Take some time to investigate problem areas in your home and resolve them to cash in on savings all fall long. It may take a little bit of work, but you’ll thank yourself for it later.

FreeShipping.com and Lowe’s = The Perfect Money-Saving Combination

Weatherproofing_lowesAs you’re thinking about weatherproofing your home for autumn, don’t forget to put your FreeShipping.com membership to use to find additional savings. With free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and 10% cash back, there’s countless ways to save. When you shop Lowes.com using your FreeShipping.com membership, you’ll get everything you need to weatherproof your home without spending a fortune.

Lowes.com carries caulk, air filters, insulation, weatherstripping, air conditioner covers, and whatever else you need to prepare your home for colder days ahead. Looking for a helping hand? Check out Lowe’s How-Tos, including Weather Strip Your Windows and Weather Strip Your Doors.

There’s no need to fear fall when you’ve bundled up and prepared your home. Now you can enjoy all that the season has to offer! ;)

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How to Search and Compare Prices Quickly and Easily at FreeShipping.com

We hope you’ve checked out the newly renovated FreeShipping.com website. In addition to streamlining our members’ access to savings and increasing the cash-back benefit to 10% at over 1,000 top online retailers, we’ve also significantly upgraded our search tool. As a FreeShipping.com member, you can now search for any item you want — and then compare prices for that item at every retailer in our 10% cash-back network!

How to Search for General Products

If you want to look for a wide range of products — wedding gifts, for instance — just type “wedding gifts” into the search field, then click the Enter key or the search icon. A search like that will generate a huge number of results, all of which include prices at participating retailers.


From there, you can click the “GO” button on any panel to see product details at a single retailer or to compare prices at multiple stores.

You can also narrow down any list of search results by using the four filters in the left-hand margin:

  • Price: Enter the minimum and maximum amounts you’re willing to pay.
  • Category: Restrict the search results to certain types of products.
  • Brand: Select the names of specific manufacturers you like — and/or the ones that make your favorite products.
  • Store: Choose the exact retailers that sell the products you seek.

Feel free to use a combination of filters to help you find whatever you’re looking for. (Of course, you can always ignore the filters altogether and browse through the entire results list.)


Once you find the exact offer you want, click “GO” to reach the specific retailer’s FreeShipping.com page, then click any “Visit Store” button on that page to reach that product page on your chosen retailer’s website. (Remember: To earn 10% cash back and qualify for shipping and return shipping rebates, you have to make your purchase in the browser window that opens when you click a FreeShipping.com button link.)

How to Search for Participating RetailersCK3_FScom

If you want to shop at a specific retailer in the FreeShipping.com network, just type that retailer’s name into the search bar, then click the Enter key or the search icon.

On the results page, just click the link to visit that retailer’s FreeShipping.com page, check out its current coupon offers, and start shopping.

How to Search — and Compare Prices — for Specific Items

If you’re looking for, say, a microwave oven, you can enter “microwave oven” in the search field to see a results page like this:


You can also search much more specifically. Maybe you want the exact same 1.6-cubic-foot, over-the-range, stainless-steel version that you saw at a friend’s house. If you enter “1.6 cubic foot over the range microwave stainless steel,” you’ll get a results page like this:


You can even search by using a specific item’s stock-keeping unit (SKU) number!

Once you find the exact item and price you want, click the specific “Visit Store” button to buy that item at your chosen retailer, or click a “Coupons Available” link, if applicable, to check out coupon offers at that retailer before you shop.

Our new search tool make it easier than ever to search for and compare prices instantly on anything you might be in the market for, whether it’s your favorite item or just a recurring household need. We hope you make the most of our recent upgrades. If you’re not a member yet, we invite you to try FreeShipping.com now — risk-free for 30 days!


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Frugal Fall Harvest: 3 Strategies to Save Money on Autumn Produce

FrugalFallHarvest_mainOne of the most special aspects of this time of year is the bountiful harvest of produce that becomes available. As the growing season approaches an end, you will find all sorts of delightful fruits and vegetables that are ripe and ready to be enjoyed.

If you’ve spent all summer tending to your own garden, you may not need to spend money on buying produce anytime soon. But if you’re in the market for some of the season’s bounties without paying more than necessary, we have some tips that may help.

3 Ways to Save on Fall Fruits and VegetablesFrugalFallHarvest_Sign

  1. Shop farmers’ markets and food co-ops. Autumn abounds with farmers’ markets, pumpkin patches, and apple festivals. These seasonal set-ups are excellent places to find produce of all sorts. Other year-round sources of produce can be food co-ops, in which you get a grocery store experience without the inflated grocery store prices.
  2. Buy what’s in season. Supply and demand dictates that whatever is more plentiful at the moment will be sold at a cheaper price. This is especially the case when it comes to perishable produce. Because most of the harvest becomes ripe around the same time and stores are flooded with the shipments that won’t last long, they will offer the best prices on what they have the most of.
  3. Shop the sales. This goes hand-in-hand with buying what’s in season, but allowing some flexibility in what you buy will save you the most money. The store may have a great sale on apples one week and grapes the next. Plan your meals and snacks around whatever is on sale at the time you shop to enjoy the savings and variety that comes with it.

Find More Fall Savings with FreeShipping.com

When you’re looking to save, you can’t forget about the ultimate savings resource: FreeShipping.com. When you sign up as a member, you immediately get access to free shipping, exclusive coupons and savings, and 10% cash back. With so many benefits, you can’t go wrong! Not a member yet? Don’t delay—sign up today!

With a motto like “Save Money. Live Better,” you know you can trust Walmart for the savings your wallet desires. Walmart has an extensive assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables at prices that are hard to beat. They’re always looking for new and innovative ways to save you money, like their Savings Catcher program, which will pay you the difference if another retailer has a lower price. Another offering worth mentioning is the unveiling of their Grocery Delivery and Pickup program. Available in select markets, you can shop online for your groceries and then pick it up at the store for free. You can also have it delivered if you prefer.

There’s so much to love in autumn, especially all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables. Celebrate the season by eating and saving well. Know someone who would appreciate these tips? Don’t forget to share this post with them!

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Fall Fitness: 3 Frugal Tips to Save Money on Autumn Exercise

fallexercise_mainBathing suit season may be wrapping up, but that’s no excuse to let your body go. Fall is an ideal time to get in shape and boost your metabolism by doing exercises.

There are many reasons for this. First of all, summer provides a wealth of outdoor activities that allow you to get exercise, whether done for that reason or not. As the weather cools down, so might your activity level, but regular exercise can help to make up for that. Second, the cold weather and extra food consumption during the fall often cause people to become sluggish and to gain extra pounds. Circumvent fall weight gain by getting started on a sustainable exercise program now. And that leads me to the final reason fall is a great time to get in shape: Fall is a busy time filled with events and gatherings with family and friends. Surprise them with how great you look by taking the initiative now to tone up and lose weight. It will give you new confidence if you’re at your own personal best.

Need some help keeping your budget in shape while you do some autumn exercises? Have no fear! We have some tips to help:

3 Thrifty Tips to Get in Shape on a Budget

  1. Do double duty. fallexercise_dogwalkGetting in shape need not be an exercise in futility. Did you ever consider that you burn calories just by doing normal work around the house? Get 2 things done at once by combining exercise and routine tasks, including fall gardening, raking leaves, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning out your garage or basement, taking the dog(s) for a walk, etc. You’ll be pleased at your accomplishments in more ways than one, and it’s an inexpensive way to get exercise.
  2. Bundle up and enjoy the cool weather. Although nights may get cooler, fall, especially earlier in the season, is still a good time to enjoy the great outdoors. Put on an extra layer and enjoy the outdoor opportunities for free exercise, including jogging in the park, hiking on trails, riding your bicycle, rollerblading, or going on a simple walk around the neighborhood. There are some individuals who exercise outside all year long, so don’t let a little chill in the air scare you.
  3. Buy secondhand exercise equipment. Fall may be in the air, but you may still see some lingering garage and estate sales. Take advantage of these sales to find used exercise equipment at a greatly reduced price. Many sellers may be looking to free up space in their home or garage and to clean up before the holidays arrive. That motivation may make them more likely to give you an excellent deal. Other places to check out include flea markets, classifieds, Craig’s List, Freecycle, and local online selling groups. Thrift stores, consignment shops, and secondhand exercise equipment stores are also good resources to find reduced-price exercise equipment and supplies.

Don’t Forget to Shop FreeShipping.com for Frugal Deals

Still looking for more tips on how to exercise during the fall without spending more than needed? Well, you should know that FreeShipping.com is an easy way to get what you need at fantastic savings! With no-cost shipping, exclusive and stackable coupons and discounts, and 10% cash back, FreeShipping.com makes it so simple to save!


Want to work out like a champion? Check out Champion for authentic and sturdy sports apparel. Since 1919, Champion has been providing athletic apparel for men, women, and kids designed to keep you comfortable and cool. They have devoted themselves to unbeatable service and customer satisfaction.


Looking for women’s workout clothing that is both attractive and tough? Athleta offers high-performing athletic clothing that works hard and looks good. Part of the Gap Clothing brand, Athleta offers apparel suitable for yoga, running, dance, and the gym. They also have comfortable clothing in other categories, like dresses, swim wear, and shoes.


Get your fitness fix with help from Gaiam. Do you need yoga mats, clothing, balance balls, workout videos, or wellness products? You will find products for the entire family from Gaiam with an emphasis on natural living and striving for a healthy mind, body, home, and planet. Not only will you find a product line designed to improve your health and well-being, but they also feature a free trial of Gaiam TV transformation network that provides streaming videos to support your goals.

We hope this post inspires you to start an exercise routine this fall that works for you and is sustainable for the long haul. When you follow our tips, you will save money in the process. Like these tips? Show it by sharing this blog post with your family and friends!

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Packing a Lunch: 3 Thrifty Tips to Save Money on Making School Lunches

schoollunch_mainSchool days are here again. If you’re the parent of school-age children, not only does this mean more work for you, it can also mean more expense. Amongst all of the school supplies and new clothes, making lunches to send to school with the kids can really take a bite out of your budget. With a little smart thinking and planning ahead, you can provide tasty and nutritious school lunches without spending a fortune.

3 Ways to Serve School Lunches on a Budget

  1. Skip single-serving foods, and buy in bulk instead. It’s so convenient to buy pre-packaged, individual serving food items, but there’s an extra cost for that convenience. Instead of buying these single-serving foods, buy the same items in bulk, and split them up yourself. It’s a little more work, but your budget will reap the positive rewards. Instead of buying small bags of chips, buy a large bag, and divide it up. Buy a large bottle of juice, and fill up a reusable cup. Apply the same concept with snacks, cookies, pretzels, water, canned fruit, pudding, gelatin, etc.schoollunch_containers
  2. Invest in reusable containers. Instead of buying plastic sandwich bags or brown paper bags to use for lunches, invest in some reusable items. I purchased reusable, insulated lunch bags for my kids with their names printed on them. They keep foods cold, can be easily wiped off, and can be used over and over again. They save us money and are more eco-friendly than comparable options. You can also buy reusable cups or a Thermos, sandwich containers, eating utensils, divided containers, and other food storage products. Using these reusable items instead of disposable ones will make school lunches a little easier on your budget and the environment.
  3. Plan your lunch menu around sales and coupons. Shopping the sales is a great way to save when making school lunches. Look for items that are on sale each week, and plan your menu around those. Not only does this save you serious coin, it can also provide some variety for your kids when it comes to eating. When you combine sale prices, reward card discounts, and coupons, you’ll be pleased at how inexpensively you can provide quality lunches for your school children.

If done correctly, packing a lunch can actually be much cheaper than buying a lunch out. Think outside the (lunch) box to find creative ways to save.


FreeShipping.com Can Help You Save on Money-Saving Containers

As one of our money-saving tips, we mentioned why it makes sense to buy reusable lunch containers. We are happy to inform you that FreeShipping.com can help you save money on those containers when you shop online using your membership. As a member, you have access to free shipping, exclusive coupons and discounts, and 10% cash back. It’s such a hassle-free way to save on ALL of your online shopping!

The Container Store is one of my favorite places to shop for all things organizational. They have devoted their entire inventory to making storage simple. For back-to-school shoppers, they have a special section on their website called Lockers & Lunches designed to make sure all of your classroom needs are met. Need a little assistance putting together lunches? Check out The Container Store’s article Pack a Lunch Your Kids Will Eat. Then check out their Lunchtime Essentials for a full selection of lunch carriers; food and beverage containers; and utensils and ice substitutes. You’ll find countless attractive and practical options that will make putting together lunches a snap.

Here’s to delicious school lunches on a dime all school-year long!

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Back-to-School Savvy: 3 Smart Strategies to Save Money at College

BacktoSchool_MainIs it back-to-school time already?! It sure is! If you’re a college student on a small budget, this can be a frustrating time of year. There are so many things to buy and so little money to spend! But it’s important to see this time for the learning experience that it is — preparation for future budget management and savvy spending later in life. Let us help you ease your financial burden a bit with some tips to save on back-to-college needs.

3 Smart and Savvy Strategies to Save on Back-to-School Needs

  1. BacktoSchool_middleShop around for textbooks. One of the biggest out-of-pocket college expenses can be textbooks for all of your various courses. Despite only being used for a semester at a time, these college textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars each. But there’s no need to pay more than you have to. There are plenty of ways to save on textbooks, including buying them used, renting them, getting digital copies, borrowing a friend’s, or buying them and selling them again after use. The key is to get creative in order to save serious coin!
  2. Bring your own furniture, or buy furniture secondhand. Need to furnish your dorm room or rental? Furniture can be a hefty expense, but there are ways to save on it. If you have furniture that you can bring from home, that’s the easiest way to keep costs low. If you must buy furnishings, check out garage and estate sales, along with thrift and consignment shops. Other resources to consider include eBay, Craig’s List, Freecyle, and local barter, exchange, and sales groups.
  3. Make your own meals. It can be costly to eat, whether at the school cafeteria, on-campus restaurants, or local area dining establishments. You can cut costs and calories by cooking your own meals whenever possible. Making your own food is normally cheaper than purchasing it out. Stock up on healthy and inexpensive snacks to carry around with you on campus. Look for sale prices, cut coupons, and buy in bulk when shopping for food. Cook meals in bulk, and freeze portions for easy eating in the future.

By planning ahead and thinking outside the box, it can be fairly easy to save money on college expenses. Need more help getting those textbooks for cheap? We have a couple of fantastic resources guaranteed to save you money.

BacktoSchool_BottomFreeShipping.com Will Keep Money in Your Pocket this School Year

If you’re looking to save on college supplies this semester, using your FreeShipping.com membership is a no-brainer! As a member, you have exclusive access to no-cost shipping, special coupons and discounts, and 10% cash back. With perks like this, you’ll be saving all school year long!

Are you interested in saving money on college textbooks? Whether you’re looking to rent or sell textbooks, College Book Renter can help you to keep more money in your pocket. Renting can often offer significant savings over buying, and once you’re done using the book, you can ship it back for free. Have textbooks that you need to get rid of, but you want to get some money back? Sell your textbooks to College Book Renter, ship your books to them for free, and get cash or credit for future textbook rentals or purchases. That’s a lot easier than selling to individuals!

Want another option for renting or buying textbooks? Consider TextbookStop.com for your college textbooks needs. They have millions of textbooks in their inventory for you to rent. Once you’re done with the books, you ship them back at no expense. You can also buy textbooks from TextbookStop.com at cheap prices and with next-business-day shipping. Do you have some textbooks lying around that you no longer have a use for? Get some money back by selling them to TextbookStop.com.

We hope that we have provided you with plenty of helpful ideas regarding how you can save as you head back to college! Do you know any other students who could use a helping hand when it comes to saving money? Be a pal, and share this blog post with them! ;)

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Welcome to the Redesigned, Newly Enhanced FreeShipping.com!

Redesigned_MainWe trust you’ve noticed all the renovations we’ve made to the FreeShipping.com website.  (If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to check out the redesigned site now.)  In addition to the sleek new look and the easier access to your benefits and your savings at all of our participating retailers, we’re especially happy about one specific upgrade we’ve made:

FreeShipping.com members now earn 10% cash back at over 1,000 top retailers — just by shopping through our links!

After the overwhelmingly positive response to the roll-out of our 5% cash-back benefit in early 2013, we decided that the best way to improve upon it was to double the savings and more than double the number of retail sites where you can earn cash back.  Now, when you shop through our links at over 1,000 participating retailers, you’ll earn 10% cash back, automatically applied to your Savings Center account.  Plus, you can use the coupons on each participating retailer’s page to save even more — right at checkout — via free shipping codes, special discounts, and more.

Of course, you can still enjoy all of the additional FreeShipping.com benefits — shipping and return shipping rebates, as well as price protection rebates — that you’ve come to know and love.  Better yet, you can now track all of your member savings through our revamped, easy-to-use Savings Center.

We’ve long believed that we offer the most comprehensive, rewarding suite of shopping and shipping savings available anywhere online, but our mission is to keep improving our features and benefits.  That’s why we renovated the site and doubled our cash-back offer to 10% — but we’re not done yet.  Be sure to check out FreeShipping.com in the coming weeks as we continue to enhance our members’ shopping experiences!

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